Your Mindset And Self-Discipline

Your Mindset And Self-Discipline

Your Mindset And Self-Discipline

Is there a goal you want to accomplish, but you just don’t seem to have the self-discipline follow through?

Maybe you know exactly what you need to do, but just can’t seem to do it?

Perhaps you’re frustrated because your lack of self-discipline is affecting your confidence, your career or your business, health, weight or relationships?

We know our mindset affects pretty much everything in our lives.


Our mindset is what allows us to grow.

But did you know that your mindset also influences our ability to develop our self-discipline?


Let’s talk first a little about the difference between fixed & growth mindsets.

People with fixed mindsets believe their characteristics, traits, and skillsets are permanent and, therefore, cannot be changed.

When they to achieve success, they believe it came from natural talent, and feel attached to – and proud of – their current level of brilliance, skill, or brainpower, rather than seeking to improve through hard work and focus.

People with growth mindsets, on the other hand, assume that talent, skill, and intelligence are changeable and can grow with practice, learning, and hard work.

They acknowledge that wherever they stand, they can always improve.

As such, they view success as attainable regardless of the starting point. No goal is too big.

And this is huge!

This is what we all want out of our lives, right!?

That knowledge that we can accomplish anything if we’re willing to do what it takes, and no goal is too big.

A Fixed Mindset Is The Enemy Of Self-Discipline

So, if you really think about it, it’s easy to see how a fixed mindset is the enemy of self-discipline.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to lose weight.

Maybe you compare yourself to a friend who is very slim or physically fit.

What if you hear this friend say things such as “I’ve always been small,” “I have a fast metabolism,” and “No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to gain weight!

We’ve all seen these people, right!?

This person seems to eat and drink whatever they want, never exercise (as far as you know) and look fantastic.

While you, on the other hand, can’t seem to lose weight no matter what.

You conclude that you “just have a slow metabolism,” “accept that you’re probably not meant to be any smaller,” and believe it’s outside your power to make the change you desire.

The truth is that it is your fixed beliefs that are holding you back from losing the weight you want to lose, nothing more.

Your fixed mindset steals your power.

It puts distance between you and the big idea that although it may take a bit more effort than you’re accustomed to, you can change.

It’s all about perspective.

More often than not, people who’ve achieved results you only dream of have generally put in much more work and effort behind the scenes than what we can see on the outside.

They just don’t talk about it.

Think about that “overnight celebrity.”

We’ve all seen or heard of people who seemingly come out of nowhere to instant stardom.

I mean, bam!

You’ve never heard of them before, then suddenly you see them everywhere and they make it look so easy.

But then, when you look into their past, you find that they’ve been working extremely hard for years, finally had a big break, and now are reaping the benefits of the seeds they’d sewn years before.

A fixed mindset is closed to the ideas of hard work, patience, determination, persistence, trial and error, and learning as you go.

Yet, these are the very traits that self-discipline is all about.

A Growth Mindset Makes Self-Discipline Inevitable

Just as a fixed mindset is the enemy of self-discipline, a growth mindset supercharges self-discipline and positions it as the top tool in your goal-setting toolbox.

Let’s return to our example of weight loss, assuming a growth mindset this time.

What changes?

Well, first of all, you acknowledge that you may have struggled with your weight in the past, but you decide that it has no bearing on your future.

You know you can change.

If you do think you “have a slow metabolism,” rather than assume it’s preventing you from losing weight, you’ll go to the doctor, have some tests run, see if there really is a problem with your metabolism, and get recommendations for what you can do about it.

And then, you educate yourself on healthy, sustainable weight loss methods, taking your lifestyle, preferences and limitations into consideration.

You understand that the process may take some time, and it won’t always be fun.

But you KNOW why you want to lose weight in the first place, commit to the goal and believe that with time, focus and determination, you can make it happen.

Which Mindset Do You Have?

We’re all different.

It’s common and very likely that we have a fixed mindset in some areas and a growth mindset in others.

If you’re naturally introverted and more on the shy side, you may have low confidence in social situations.

Yet a growth mindset may push you to step outside your comfort zone and go to events where you’ll meet new people and try new things.

On the other hand, since you’ve always been shy, perhaps you spent lots of time reading books and studying when you were younger, and so you’ve always experienced academic success.

So, You might consider yourself “naturally smart” and have a fixed mindset in this area.

You Can Change Your Mindset

One of the first and most important steps to improve your self-discipline is to become self-aware.

Spend some time every day and evaluate how you are doing.

How are you handling situations that you come across.  What did you do well and what could you have done better?

What are your beliefs about how you handled these things that have come your way.

This isn’t a judgment thing.

It’s only for you, yourself, so you can see how you are doing.

You don’t need to ever share these thoughts with anyone else unless you want to.

If you find that you have a fixed mindset, know that you can change.

Mindsets Are Just Beliefs. 

They’re powerful beliefs, but they’re just something in your mind, and you can change your mind.

And this is really important – it’s not a matter of just saying I’m going to be more self-disciplined, and bam! you are there!

Just like all the other self-development we talk about, it’s something that happens over time.

Every day we work towards getting better, and every day we get a little better at it.

I don’t think we’ll ever “arrive,” but then again, that’s part of the journey!

Now I’d Love To Hear From You

So how about you?

Do you find that you have a growth mindset in some areas and a fixed mindset in others?

What kinds of things help you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

I would love to hear your stories.

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Your Mindset And Self-Discipline

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