With Avon, Love is Homemade

With Avon, Love is Homemade

With Avon, Love is Homemade

Love is homemade when you’re whipping up special treats that are straight from the heart.

Be everyone’s favorite Valentine when you take the time to create something deliciously decadent!

Find everything you need for heartfelt Valentine’s cookies and coffee or hot cocoa for your warm romantic evening or a fun Valentine’s Day Dessert Party!

In fact, let’s get started with some Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies.

Back in grade school, Valentine’s Day meant filling out Valentine’s cards for classmates and eating ungodly amounts of conversation hearts.

They were the “it” Valentine candy. Would a boy give you one that said “Cutie,” “Be Mine,” or “Let’s Kiss?” It was anyone’s guess and 10-year-old girls’ hearts were aflutter with all the possibilities that the day could bring.

Fast forward a couple of decades and I think a throwback is in order.

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

These are really easy to make. Just use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and decorate with icing.

You can choose whatever words you want on the cookies. See the image above for ideas.

Here are some tips on decorating:

  • Outline the hearts with a #2 decorating tip
  • Use a #1 decorating tip for the words.

And here are the tools to help you make your Valentine’s treats a breeze!

Valentine’s Day Cookie Plate

Give your treats a sweet touch by serving them on a delightfully heartwarming cookie plate.

Valentine's Day Cookie Plate Features

  • 9” diam.
  • Reads, “love” with a heart design


  • Ceramic

Only $9.99

Valentine’s Day Spatula Set of 2

Add a kiss of sugar, a dash of tenderness and a splash of something sweet—then mix it all together with these Valentine’s Day spatulas.

Valentine's Day Spatula Set of 2 Features

  • Wooden handles
  • Large, 12.25″ L x 2 .5″ W
  • Small, 8″ L x 1.5″ W


  • Silicone
  • Wood

Only $12.99 the set

Valentine’s Day Cookie Cutters Set of 4

The heart-filled cookie cutters create delectable treats that are always baked with love.

Valentine's Day Cookie Cutters Set of 4 Features

  • Four graduating sizes
  • Two with straight edges, two with scalloped edges


  • Stainless steel

Only $5.99 the set

Valentine’s Day Silicone Cupcake Pan

Love is homemade when you’re whipping up special treats that are straight from the heart.

Valentine's Day Silicone Cupcake Pan Features

  • 10” L x 6.75” W x 1” D
  • Makes up to 6 cupcakes or baked goods


  • Silicone

Only $9.99

Valentine’s Day Mug

Fill up her cup with something warm and sweet to show that you love her a latte.

Valentine's Day Mug Features

  • Reads, “I Love You a Latte”
  • Holds up to 11.6 oz.


  • Ceramic

Only $9.99

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