Why You Should Develop A Victory Mentality

Why You Should Develop A Victory Mentality

Why You Should Develop A Victory Mentality

When you ask people if they want to win in any area of their life, their immediate response is a resounding yes. That victory mindset can really make a difference.

More and more people are reading and listening and looking for motivational quotes on Facebook and other areas every day!

The number of those who become victorious in their pursuits is low in comparison.

While people really do want to succeed, they either do not know how or they lack confidence in their capacity to do it.

A change in mentality can cover the gap between the desire to win and that victory you’re looking for.

Expect to Win

Les Brown, an author, and prominent motivational practitioner talks about the difference between those who want to win and those who expect to win.

He says want shows up in conversation while expectation shows up in behavior.

People talk the talk with achieving their goals, but few people walk the walk.

I believe that for most people this relates back to self-doubt and low self-esteem.

People believe more in other people’s abilities to win than in their own.

They will watch and cheer as others go for their dreams, rarely showing up for their own.

It takes a lot for the human mind to catch up to the reality that victory is not only attainable but is closer than it seems.

All it requires is a change of mindset.

Those who condition their minds with positivity and confidence expect winning to be a daily occurrence.

And it’s that expectation that attracts success.

The Placebo Effect.

Mary was having problems sleeping because of anxiety.

She thought it better to get prescription medication to help her sleep.

Her doctor was against the idea because she had a pre-existing heart condition that could have significant side effects.

After a week, Mary returned to the doctor determined to get the medication.

Instead of giving in, her doctor prescribed a placebo.

Mary came back for her review and reported an improvement in her sleep patterns.

Her doctor noted how her perception of the drug had given her a sense of security that enabled her to sleep better.

The placebo effect, while debatable in its effectiveness in the medical field, creates a sense of comfort in the patient’s mind.

A victory mindset mimics a placebo.

We pursue our goals more when we sense we will win no matter what.

Our odds seem greater, just like we are placing our goals on a scale that is already tipped in our favor.

We feel so much better about the potential to win; we see setbacks as insignificant in the face of the bigger picture.

Developing this victory mentality sets a stage for us to achieve our goals before we even execute them.

Like Mary, we sleep better if we condition our minds for success.

Characteristics of a victory mentality.


One characteristic of a victory mindset is confidence.

You win when you believe in yourself; believing in your abilities and in your vision.

Success is likely to come to those who believe they have what it takes.

Their affirmations revolve around their belief that they deserve to win based on the hard work they put in and their determination.

They believe that they are due for the best.

There are no unbreakable barriers with a winning mentality.

A Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is another characteristic of a victory mentality.

It does not entertain negativity or impossibility.

It avoids defeatist vocabulary.

It centers more on the possible than what it cannot do.

While it expects setbacks and failure, a victory mentality does not even entertain the concept of quitting.

Quitting is not in their vocabulary.

People with a winning mindset tend to surround themselves with like-minded people.

They avoid naysayers and complainers because they do not want to allow their negative energy into their mind space.

Thrive on Challenges

Another characteristic of a victory mindset is the ability to navigate tough terrain and get outside of your comfort zone.

Many people are uncomfortable with tough situations.

Winners thrive on them because it challenges them to try fresh approaches.

When faced with problems, people with a victory mindset do not replay the failure as a prelude to quitting.

They replay failure to see what they could have done better.

For them, failure is about making constant improvements to sustain the dream.


People with a victory mentality are undeterred.

Once set on a course of action, they see it through.

They live and breathe their vision, making it difficult to entertain distractions.

These people master the art of F.O.C.U.S – an acronym for Follow One Course Until Success.


A victory mentality embraces responsibility.

People who want to win are not afraid to take the lead.

Les Brown says winners will do what other people are not comfortable doing to have what others do not.

They take calculated risks, often jumping into the idea before they have full command of the process.

Such people start before they are comfortable because they believe that discomfort births ground-breaking achievements.

Quitters place the responsibility on the shoulders of others to lay blame on them when things do not work out.

They have a fail-safe mentality in which they are comfortable in the background so that no one ever points a finger at them.

Unfortunately, such people stay in the background and rarely record significant wins.

You can lose any momentum you gain towards victory when you entertain a negative and defeated mentality.

The moment you lose the battle against negativity in your mind is the moment you lose the battle outwardly.

The more you entertain positivity internally, the more you are likely to attract victory.

Developing a victory mindset guarantees you a win in what you set out to achieve.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Do you already have a victory mentality, or is it something you’re working on?

What kinds of things help you to stay focused and on track towards victory?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

I would love to hear your stories.

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