What Is This Korean Beauty Craze And Why Should I Care?

What Is This Korean Beauty Craze And Why Should I Care?

What Is This Korean Beauty Craze And Why Should I Care?

You may have heard of the term K-Beauty, and you’ve probably been hearing about Korean Beauty everywhere.

I wasn’t really aware of these products until Avon started carrying them, but I have to admit now that I’ve tried them, they’re pretty amazing!

So here I’ll try to explain a little about what Korean Beauty is and why you should care.

In fact, they work very well with our other Avon products so you just might want to add a few of them to your beauty arsenal.

1 – Competitive Pricing

Avon has always been about quality, cutting edge products at value pricing.

And Korean beauty products fall right into that category as well, so it’s a perfect fit for Avon.

Customers are able to stock up on makeup, skincare, treatments, sheet masks, toners and face creams without spending thousands of dollars.

And just like with Avon’s Anew, our flagship product, these products are excellent quality, cutting edge products that deliver results!

2 – Natural Ingredients

Korean beauty is big on using natural ingredients that are not typically found elsewhere.

Many of the ingredients, such as CICA (Tiger Grass) Rice Water, CBD, flowers, leaves and fruits are used in ways to dramatically make a difference in your skin.

The use of natural products makes these products much more appealing to people all over the world.

3 –  Emphasis On Beauty

One thing that really sets K-Beauty apart from other products is the emphasis on beauty.

Korean women are taught from a very early age that beautiful skin is important, and they do whatever it takes to make sure they always look and feel their best.

They start using products to protect and maintain their skin from the time they are little.

4 – Perfectly Made for You

Our Korean Beauty products serve a wide variety of skin types.  Whether your skin is dry or oily, or even sensitive, we have the perfect product for you.

We have oil based and water based products, as well as products with different textures so you can find the one that works best for you.

5 – Innovative

Korean products have completely changed the skincare and makeup industry.

Because they are always developing new and exciting products, other companies across the globe are struggling to keep up with them.

We’ve seen many innovative products that have been developed in Korea, but one of our favorites is the Cushion Foundation.

This foundation is so popular because it is do easy to apply!

Essentially a cushion foundation is a liquid-based formula that’s stored in a compact instead of a bottle.  These foundations provide light to medium coverage and hydrate the skin while providing an illuminating effect.

6 – Fun And Playful

K-Beauty products are so much fun to use.

From time to time we have makeup products that are fun and playful like lip stains that look like pop rings and ice cream cones.

They’re adorable… but make no mistake; these are highly-pigmented lip products that make you look amazing!

7 – All About Prevention

Many brands promise to get rid of wrinkles, restore damaged skin, and rewind the hands of time.

There are a lot of Korean beauty products that claim to do the same, too. They are able to fight skin issues just as well if not better than other products on the market.

But the K- beauty industry is really focused on prevention. This means, Koreans don’t wait until a pesky skin problem occurs, they start using products at a very early age.

8 – Tech-Driven

When you think of Beauty Products, the word “Technology” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

But this is one of the main reasons why K-Beauty products are better than the rest.

The Korean culture is tied to technological advancements, and companies work around the clock to create new products.

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