Victory Begins In The Mind

Victory Begins In The Mind

Victory Begins In The Mind

‘As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.’ This proverb speaks about the power of thought.

Mankind’s greatest battleground is the mind, which draws the line between winning and losing.

With one mindset comes victory, with another, comes defeat.

What we achieve in our lives has its basis in the mindset we live with.

The narrative in our mind forms the path our lives are likely to take.

Our ability to succeed rises and falls on that mental perception.

It starts when we are young.

When we are younger, they encourage us to let our imagination take us anywhere we want to go.

At that tender age, we are whatever we set our minds to become.

We believe that we can do anything we desire.

A girl envisions being a princess and accepts that as reality.

It’s that simple.

As we grow older, we doubt our ability to become what we think we are because life presents alternate facts and harsh realities.

It becomes easy to condition our minds toward negativity and impossibility.

Scientists term this as a negative bias, based on how common negative perceptions are in adult minds.

Our goals seem to become less attainable because we believe we don’t have what it takes.

And then it becomes even more believable when backed by our unpleasant experiences.

Someone’s comment, reinforced by past rejection, can cause us to feel not important.

If supported by other thoughts of worthlessness and constant mental replay, that thought develops into a belief and then it starts to govern how we act.

But here’s the thing…

If we create negative perceptions from negative thoughts, it also follows that we create positive perceptions from positive thoughts.

You become what you draw into your mind.

To succeed in anything you want to accomplish, turn your thoughts towards victory.

Break all mental barriers by deciding to think like a winner.

Setting your mind towards victory.

Victory begins the moment you decide in your mind that you can do whatever you have set out to do.

Everything else that comes after waters the seed of that decision until it grows into a belief system that anything is possible.

If you approach any task with an expectation to win, you are likely to win and the same is true about an expectation to fail.

Victory begins when positivity infiltrates your mind. It is important to feed your mind with that positivity.

Winning starts when you feed your mind with what you want to see on the outside.

You have control over your mind by blocking negativity and self-doubt and inviting a winning mindset.

Your determination to win will clear your mind-sight when all you see are the ways you are likely to fail.

Train your mind to deal with setbacks.

Pursuing your dreams does not guarantee immediate wins.

Most successful people have failed somewhere along the line, but what amplified their victory was how their mind handled that failure.

It is good to expect failure, but then do not go on to accept defeat!

Allow your mind to bounce back from setbacks by never taking your eye off the ultimate prize, victory.

Refuse to allow the fear of failure to outweigh your desire to succeed.

Nic’s story is so powerful.

You’ve probably heard of Nicholas James Vujicic.

He was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs.

He has no arms and no legs.  All he has is a little flipper where one of his legs should be.

He lives in California and Richard and I met Nic a couple of time.  He has overcome sooo much, and is sooo inspiring!

His parents initially struggled to accept his condition, to the point of his mother refusing to hold him or see him when the nurse tried to hand him over at birth.

Eventually, they accepted and raised him with as much normalcy as his condition allowed.

Growing up, he had to deal with bullies, but he did not let that stop him from thriving throughout his teenage and early adulthood stages.

His mother encouraged him with stories of people living with severe disabilities, and this inspired Nic to share his story.

He graduated at twenty-one from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

His life came with a lot of discouragement from well-meaning people who would tell him he could not do as well as able-bodied people.

He developed a different mindset by shutting out the negative voices and thoughts that he could not live a full and meaningful life.

Nic became a founder of an international non-profit organization.

He shared his story and inspired a lot of able-bodied and disabled people to shut out negativity and pursue their dreams, regardless of their fears or challenges.

He founded a motivational speaking company and authored several motivational books.

He also starred in a few short films.

All of this became possible because he shifted his mind from helplessness and defeat to victory.

It is possible to have victory in the face of challenges or setbacks.

Nic’s story is so powerful, because if he can do all this, we know that we too can accomplish all kinds of amazing things!

What it takes is setting your mind to win. Develop a positive mind. A mind that believes in winning at all costs.

Affirm your victory by declaring that you have a winner’s mindset and that you can do anything once you set your mind on it.

Seriously,  It’s up to you!  You got this.  Declare it and go after it!

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Do you believe that you and you alone control whether you achieve that victory?

What kinds of things help you to remember that you are in control, and to stay the path?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

I would love to hear your stories.

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