The Therapy Skincare – Avon x The Face Shop

The Therapy Skincare – Avon x The Face Shop

The Therapy Skincare – Avon x The Face Shop

Hand blended essential oils derived from a 200-year-old formulation of flowers, leaves and fruits keeps skin feeling nourished and looking younger.

Our exclusive collaboration with The Face Shop brings you super-luxurious Korean beauty products that are influencing the world. Enjoy!

The Therapy Oil-Drop Anti-Aging Serum

The Therapy Oil-Drop Anti-Aging Facial Serum visibly restores youthful radiance and reduces the look of wrinkles.

So, where does the “oil-drop” come in? The essential oils that are dispersed and released from the serum naturally form bubbles which are known as “oil drops.” These oil drops contain blending oil to help make skin smooth and elastic. 1.5 fl. oz.


  • The Therapy Oil-Drop Anti-Aging Serum With oat seeds, rich in beta-carotene and marigold petals (antioxidants), bay leaves (calming, purifying) and olive oil (moisturizing)
  • This smart essential serum with oil drops contains natural blending oils to care for aging skin by protecting moisture
  • With a dewy application, the serum creates a non-sticky moisture barrier

Key Ingredients

  • Oat Seeds – known for their calming effects on irritated skin and excellent moisturizing effects. Rich in beta carotene, well-known for antioxidant and regenerating effects.
  • Marigold Petals – anti-aging, antioxidant
  • Laurel Tree Leaves – calming, purifying
  • Olives – moisturizing, anti-irritant

To Use

  • Use AM and PM as necessary.
  • Use on cleansed skin, prior to moisturizer.
  • For AM use, follow with SPF. We recommend Anew Hydra Fusion Daily Beauty Defense Cream SPF 50.

Sorry, these are no longer available.  Check out what’s new at Avon here.

The Therapy Oil Blending Cream

The Therapy Oil Blending Cream harnesses the power of oil-blending to deliver an anti-aging experience.

The unique handmade blending formula has a bottom layer that boasts a highly-concentrated, rich moisture cream and a top layer consisting of fresh, natural essential oils. 1 fl. oz.

The Therapy Oil Blending Cream Benefits

  • Leaves skin visibly smooth and glowing with essential oils that provide an all-in-one blending formula of anti-aging + hydration + nourishing
  • Sandalwood (anti-aging), avocado (moisturizing) and palmarosa leaves (nourishing)

Fresh Oil Carrier Technology

The secret is in the formula! Low temperature technology is used to meticulously blend the top and bottom layers to deliver deep moisture and a smooth hydration barrier on the skin’s surface.

Key Ingredients

  • Sandalwood – Anti-aging; Used as a medicinal plant because of its anti-aging and rejuvenation properties.
  • Avocado – Hydrating; Excellent for creating a long-lasting moisture barrier on skin and preventing moisture loss.
  • Palmarosa – Nourishing; Delivers vitality and elasticity. Especially effective for treating and regenerating skin that’s damaged from the sun.

To Use

  • Use AM and PM as necessary.
  • On first use, blend oil and cream with spatula provided.
  • Use on cleansed skin, following any treatments.

Sorry, these are no longer available.  Check out what’s new at Avon here.

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