The Striking Liner Look You Need In Your Beauty Routine

The Striking Liner Look You Need In Your Beauty Routine

The Striking Liner Look You Need In Your Beauty Routine

Let’s face it: Leaving the house without that tried-and-true final touch can leave you feeling a bit lackluster. It’s that little extra something to take your look from standard to standout.

Right now, we can’t get enough of the subtle black cat eye – or ‘cat corner’ as Global Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen likes to call it.

The most surprising takeaway from our tutorial with Lauren?

This classic style offers minimal work with a major impact. It adds intensity to your look and elongates the eye with the flick of a reliable liquid liner. Read on to discover the makeup guru’s technique for a sweet, easy cat corner.

Start On The Side

When we typically think of eyeliner, starting in the center is almost an immediate response, but with a cat corner, the edge of the eye is the first area of focus.

Take your favorite liquid liner – Avon’s Mega Effects Liquid Eye Liner is my go-to – and draw a wing.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast like me and your hands are a bit caffeine crazed, use the angle of your lower lash line as a guide for your cat corner. Just extend the natural shape upward and voilà. There’s your foolproof solution for seemingly symmetrical flicks.

Lash Line Lockdown

Next, place the tip of the tool at a vertical angle and trace a line out from the corner of your eye. Make sure to hug your lashes and follow your waterline for goofproof application.

If this step isn’t your strong suit, don’t stress. Steady your hands and you’re in for a smooth ride.

The Necessary Next Step

Mascara is to a winged-line look as Avon is to my life: bold, enhancing and absolutely necessary.

Draw your lashes upward and out by slightly lifting your brow and placing the brush at your base. Hold your brush horizontally while moving it back and forth for voluminous, long-lasting lashes. And in this case, it truly is all about the brush.  Avon True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara has Heart-shaped, lash-hugging fibers that lock onto lashes and intertwine to provide instant length and weightless volume in just one application.

The Finished Product

Now, give yourself a round of applause because you’ve learned a ‘cat eye’ with this effortlessly easy — and ever so edgy — ‘cat corner’.

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