Surprising Facts Every Woman Should Know About Aging And Skincar

Surprising Facts Every Woman Should Know About Aging And Skincare

Surprising Facts Every Woman Should Know About Aging And Skincare

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and yet there is still so much we don’t know about it.

Your skin reflects your overall health, so the best thing to remember is to take care of it. Eat a healthy diet and avoid junk food, do not smoke, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water. This is all good advice that we should follow.

But let’s take a look at some surprising facts that every woman should know about aging and skincare.

Myth debunked! We do NOT get all of our lifetime sun damage by the time we’re 18.

One study says that we only receive 23% of sun damage by the time we’re legal adults and get about 10% more damage every decade after that. So keep lathering on that sunscreen.

Since 1997 the amount of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures per year has more than quintupled.

According to one industry study, in 2011, there were more than 9 million cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S.! Pressure to look younger in our society is at an all time high and consequently so is the popularity of anti-aging tactics.

Confidence is key in making a woman attractive.

It’s no wonder that attractiveness can develop with age as most women don’t learn what makeup looks best on them and what skin care products to use until they get older – great looking skin is a sure-fire way to boost confidence levels.

According to a 2005 study, for many women (57%) the first place they experience signs of aging is around their eyes.

Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System The skin around your eyes is thinner and requires a special treatment. Avon’s eye treatments are specialized. In fact, many like Eye Lift Pro have a separate gel and cream for the needs of the upper and lower lids.

One of the best ways to get luminous, youthful looking skin is by keeping it hydrated.

But this hydration must come from a moisturizer, NOT from drinking more water.

Countless dermatological studies maintain that age and the environment affect the moisture in our skin.

Avon Anew Moisturizers

So get liberal with a moisturizer such as the day or night creams in these ANEW anti-aging skincare lines: Vitale, Reversalist, Ultimate, and Platinum.

High performance targeted treatments can make all the difference in hydrating your skin.

Anew Hydra Fusion Nighttime Facial Treatment Anew Hydra Fusion Nighttime Facial Treatment is what your skin has been thirsting for.  Discover the ‘best-slept’ secret that repairs your skin while visibly re-plumping it with 3X more moisture as you slumber.

Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Créme Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Créme features black pearl extract, which enhances skin’s ability to retain moisture for visibly softer, smoother skin.

Over time, as your skin changes, build a routine according to what your face needs, adding more products like night creams and serums as necessary.

If you’re ready for something more regimented, try the ANEW regimen best suited to your skin’s needs for a great morning and night routine that cleanses, moisturizes and treats.  Our Skin Care Advisor will help you find exactly what you need.

Once you start caring for your skin on a daily basis, it will show, and others will be looking for your secret!

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