Successful People Use Milestones To Help Them Achieve Their Goal

Successful People Use Milestones To Help Them Achieve Their Goals

Successful People Use Milestones To Help Them Achieve Their Goals

I love watching successful people because we can learn so much from them.  And one trait of the highly successful people is they use milestones to help them achieve their goals.

Successful people don’t set goals like you typically would imagine.

Most people tend to come up with a goal they want to achieve, and then they just work towards it without any other thoughts in mind.

They only focus on that particular goal.

You might think that it’s good to just focus on your goal, but the problem is, you can get lost along the way.

Instead, what you want to do is set milestones along the way to your goal like successful people do.


Milestones Help You Stay on Track

The path you take from where you are now to the goal you want to achieve may be simple, but it can also be complicated.

While you might think you’re steadily working towards a goal, you might actually be working backward or working inefficiently, making it take longer for you to actually reach your goal.

By using milestones, you’re able to keep yourself on track and focused towards one goal.

What you should do is come up with a goal, but then come up with a plan as to how you need to get from point A to point B.

Soon, you’ll realize that it might not be as simple as you once imagined, but it’s still possible when you just work towards one milestone at a time.

Goals in My Business

So, for me.  My goal with Avon is to get to the top level of Platinum Executive Leader.

That’s my end game.  My ultimate goal.

There are 8 ranks between where I am now and Platinum Executive Leader.

And so, I only concern myself right now with what do I need to do to get to the next rank.

Once I reach that, I will concern myself with getting to the next rank from there, and so on.

Another example… Avon is offering a trip incentive for an all-inclusive vacation in Hawaii.

When I work with my team, I help them figure out how much they need to sell to earn the trip, and then we break that down into how much they need to sell each month, and then each week, and even each day.

We also break it down into how many orders they need each day.  So, it’s easy to always know, day-by-day whether you’re on track.

They know they need 2 orders a day, or $50 in sales a day, or whatever it is for them, and they can log that on their calendar on paper.

And every day they know exactly where they stand.

Goals in Your Career

Maybe you have a goal to earn a better salary in your job, that’s a very broad goal, and there are tons of ways of going about doing that.

You’d easily get lost trying all kinds of different things in order to reach that goal without using any kinds of milestones.

Instead, you could plan it out cleverly, so that you’d know exactly what to look for and when to do it.

You might have the first step be something like looking for a new job with more potential money in it, something where you can go much higher than where you’re stuck now.

Second, you’d want to start the application process for the new one.

After securing the job, you’d quit your current job.

And then you’d get busy working to move to the next higher up position that you can from where you are now.

This can continue on and on until you’re satisfied with where you are.

As you can see, there’s a lot more that goes into something than just moving towards one goal.

There are tons of ways to go about reaching your goals, but you need to know which ways you’re taking.

Milestones do several things for you:

Intrinsic Motivation

Our real drive comes from intrinsic motivation, knowing that we’ve accomplished something great and seeing the results of our hard work.

Breaking down larger goals and celebrating each milestone as it is complete can be a great source of motivation to continue the “climb up the mountain” towards achieving your ultimate goals.

Milestones Filter Out Negative Distractions

Often times along our journey towards reaching our goals, as time goes by there can be many changes to our circumstances and we may even lose sight of why we are working towards our particular goal in the first place.

Milestones can be a great way to help keep us on track and filter out any negative influencers that may deter us from our goal-path.

Short-term, identifiable milestones can help remind us of why we are doing what we do and can reiterate the importance of the path that we are on.

Milestones Banish Overwhelm

Overwhelm is almost unavoidable when all you have is a big scary goal set out in front of you.

It can make you feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, and before you know it you are drowning in overwhelm.

Milestones helps take your focus off of the big “mountain”, and instead it allows you to focus on smaller, more do-able goal-points.

Achieving these milestones enables you to grow in self-confidence and banishes that feeling of quitting.

By eliminating the overwhelm you can remain focused and level-headed about achieving your goals.

Milestones help you measure progress

Another way to view progress is to see it as “results”.

One of the greatest indicators of success is to look back on where you’ve started and to see just how far you’ve come.

This progress is a major motivator to continue on your path towards achieving your goals.

Milestones Foster Personal Accountability

Along with measuring your progress, milestones can also indicate which areas of the plan need more focus and attention.

This personal accountability creates a discipline in your methods and process, which allows you to grow as a leader and business owner.

We often times struggle with accountability in critical areas in our lives.

Creating and practicing accountability with smaller, more manageable milestones can enable you to build healthy habits that will carry through in the larger areas of your life.

And… Milestones Allow for Learning and Re-Evaluating

Business and life is all about learning, growing, and evolving.

When dealing with life plans and business goals, we are often faced with challenging changes that can severely alter the course of our goal-setting plans.

We need to learn to embrace flexibility and allow for a time of reevaluation to take place.

Many times, our visions change, and we need to let go of certain goals in order to find a new course or path for our business to flourish and grow.

This is where milestones can really help you to reflect and re-evaluate where necessary.

Now I’d Love to Hear from You

What are your thoughts on milestones?

How do you use them in your business, or your job, or your personal life?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

I would love to hear your stories.

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Successful People Use Milestones To Help Them Achieve Their Goal

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