Steps To Developing A Victory Mindset

Steps To Developing A Victory Mindset

Steps To Developing A Victory Mindset

Sally Gunnell started her training as a pent-athlete and long jumper at the Essex Ladies’ Club.

As her prowess in sprinting developed, she concentrated on 100m hurdles, winning a gold medal at the 1986 Edinburg Commonwealth Games.

Her trainer encouraged her to attempt longer distances, which saw her win gold in 1989 at the European Cup 400m flat race and 1990 Commonwealth Games 400m hurdles.

Gunnell lost her shot at gold at the 1991 World Championships because she glanced across at one of her rivals.

That loss called for a change of mindset, which saw her progress to the finals at the Barcelona Olympics of 1992, where she won gold.

Her winning mindset brought her to the peak of her career. She proceeded to the World Championships in Germany but developed a heavy cold.

Her determination to win saw her through to the finals.

Being sick with that cold was weighing on her thought, and it forced her to rethink her decision to compete.

She called for a press conference to announce her withdrawal but reconsidered at the last minute.

She had to find a way to power through.  This was too important!

So, she drummed up her energy and gave it everything she had.

Gunnell’s determination paid off when she not only won gold but set a world record!

Successful people worth mentioning have developed a victory mindset.

They encountered setbacks and moments of self-doubt just like anybody else.

What set them apart was a change of mentality.

Such mentality sets the stage for success before you put your best foot forward and after your first inevitable encounter with failure.

How to develop a victory mentality

First and foremost, believe in yourself and in your vision.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” – Henry Ford.

A winning attitude starts with a deep belief in your own abilities.

While it is normal for every one of us to doubt ourselves from time to time – sometimes many times a day – winners can shake off that doubt and replace it with a healthy dose of confidence in their ability to deliver.

No one will buy into what you are selling if doubt riddles you or if you sell yourself short.

Always believe you are the best person for the job.

When you are still in the early stages of your success journey, this belief seems buried deep within because the task ahead can seem daunting.

It helps to incorporate affirmations into your daily routine, speaking to your subconscious until you believe it.

There are many ways of making positive affirmations which include morning meditation, where you give yourself pep talks.

Phrases like “If I will it, I can do it!” or “I am the right person for the job!” or “I have what it takes!” should become part of your regular vocabulary.

They make the vision all that more attainable and within reach.

No one sells the dream better than the author of the dream.

Your vision should be real to you to make it easier to articulate it to the next person.

You can’t allow any drawbacks or challenges to threaten that vision, or that cause you think that quitting seems easier.

It can also help if you visualize the victory.  Create a vision board and look at it often.

Set attainable goals.

Dreaming up the vision is a wonderful start, but nothing keeps you accountable like setting actual goals.

Having goals sets the distinction between achievers and daydreamers.

It keeps you on your toes as it puts your vision into focus.

Visualize what you want to achieve in the long run, and then break it down and craft your short term or daily goals.

This helps you plan how to achieve the goals.

It helps you know what activities you will need to engage in and what type of tools you will need to help you reach those goals.

Setting timelines around your goals will also drive you to work smarter towards the end goal.

Surround yourself with positive influencers.

It cultivates a winning attitude when you surround yourself with people with positive mindsets.

People who are actively pursuing their dreams draw their strength from the positive energy that like-minded people let out.

They easily get encouraged when they have moments of doubt and from setbacks by hearing how others tackle challenges.

Develop a network of all kinds of positive people – people who are experienced in your particular field, as well as those who are also just starting out.

They each bring their own unique view and you can all learn from each other.

Ask for help when you need it instead of being too proud to reach out.

Challenge yourself.

Your vision will stretch you.

It will call for you to push outside of your comfort zone and jump into uncharted terrain.

Making the jump is intimidating.

Sometimes it can be easier to wait to make big decisions until you are comfortable.

Winners take the leap, hoping they will land on their feet and almost always do.

If they don’t land on their feet, they get right back up and dust themselves off, ready to jump onto the next challenge.

Winners don’t let failure hold them back.  Instead they use it as a learning curve for what didn’t work and find new ways to go after it.

Process instead of results

A winning mindset dwells more on the process than the results.

This mindset understand that the process is what we have the most control of, and that the results can take time.

A winning mindset is adaptable instead of rigid.  It’s willing to change in pursuit of the bigger picture.

A winner’s mindset calls for discipline. You need to not only be disciplined in your pursuit of victory, you also need to stay on top of your victory mindset to keep it alive and well.

Develop the victory mentality and set yourself up for success in all you do.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Did anything I talked about today resonate with you?

What kinds of things help you to remember that you are in control, and to stay the path?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

I would love to hear your stories.

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