Start Small, Start Now - Sell Avon Part-Time

Start Small, Start Now – Sell Avon Part-Time

Start Small, Start Now – Sell Avon Part-Time

No matter how rewarding your full-time job may be, when you Sell Avon Part-Time and eventually become fully self-employed in your own Avon Business, it can be even more meaningful than great pay and solid benefits.

You Can Start Small And Sell Avon Part-Time.

When you Start Now as an Avon Representative, you can work your Avon business alongside your day job or other obligations. It can be your side gig!

As your Avon business grows, you can decide when you can let your day job go.

Sure, it’s scary to go out on your own. When you’re in your own business, you are responsible for your success. If you don’t work your business, your business won’t pay you.

And it requires some sacrifice. It will take extra effort, working your business around your day job.

But once you’re reaping the lifestyle benefits of being your own boss and hustling your way into making significantly more money than you ever could at your day job, the hard work will all have been worth it.

Like any other business, this is still not a get-rich-quick situation.

It will take time and effort. But when you give that consistent effort, you will see your business grow each week.

To have the most successful Avon business, we suggest you do a little of both, online and face-to-face selling, at least to get started.

But the option is up to you.

I have found success in Avon through building large personal sales by passing out lots of brochures, I’ve built a big online business through selling Avon online, and recruiting Avon Representatives online, and I have a large, growing every day, leadership business with team members all across the United States.

I Started by Selling Avon Part-Time

And I did all that while working 60-70 hours a week in my day job, not to mention putting up with a long commute. You can read my story here.

If you’re looking to build an Avon Business and sell Avon online only, you’re in the right place.

I’ve had great success online and I help my team use the same techniques that I have used to be successful by selling Avon online.

Avon has made it even easier to Sign Up and Sell Avon Online. In just a few simple steps, you can Become an Avon Representative Online.

As an Avon Representative, you can enjoy many great benefits!

I’ve been Selling Avon for 20 years now and have built a significant portion of my sales and leadership business through online marketing.

I have enjoyed several fully expense-paid trips, rewards such as iPads and Big Screen TV’s, and plenty of cash bonuses, as well as the income I bring in every 2-weeks from my Avon business.

Here are some of the reasons I LOVE being an Avon Representative.

  • Flexible Hours – It didn’t take me long to be able to get out of my full-time day job and become full-time with Avon. I now have the flexibility to work my business when I want to, and my business allows me to be there for my aging mom when she needs help.
  • Being my own Boss – As my own boss, I get to decide which days I will devote to my business. I have no set vacation days or sick days. If I need a day to myself or for some fun, it’s up to me to decide how to work my business around it.
  • Unlimited Income –The Avon Opportunity is a blessing in so many ways. I make great money as a Representative.   I love selling Avon because I know that, especially these days, we offer a quality products at reasonable prices.
  • Multiple Streams of Income – I build my Avon business using every opportunity offered to me. I’ve built my Avon business face-to-face, and I’ve built a big portion of my business online. This allows me to maximize how much money I make with Avon by 1) selling traditionally, 2) selling online, and 3) building a team. I take home profit from the products I sell traditionally, I get credits on my account from my online sales, and I earn a leadership paycheck every 2-weeks.

You can sign up to sell Avon here and be in business in just a few minutes.

You can get started and Sell Avon Part-time!  Then, when you are ready to do more, you can step-it up!

You Can Kick Off Your Avon Glam Gig For as Little as $0.

Or you can purchase a Starter Kit for only $30.

This will give you everything you need to build a successful Avon Business. You will also receive a bundle of Avon’s best-selling products valued at over $100.

Your kit is mailed from Avon, and you will receive it in about 5 business days.

Avon Starter Kit 2023

In addition to your initial investment to Sell Avon, you will be responsible for buying your own Avon brochures (packs of 10 start at $6.49) and sales tools.

You will also be charged a shipping fee when you place your personal face-to-face orders for each campaign. This fee starts at $8 but can be recovered when you collect a 0.75-cent, or even $2.00, order fee from each customer that places an order with you.

Your personal Avon Online Store is FREE for you to use, and Avon gives you many tools to promote your website online and on social media.

With your Avon-provided Online Store, you now have the ability to simply text or email your Digital Brochure link to your customers at the beginning of each campaign, if you choose.  The brochure is mobile-friendly and easy to browse.

How Much Money Do You Make Selling Avon?

Whether you sell Avon part-time or full-time, the commission is the same.

When you sign up to sell Avon part-time, you will earn a 25% commission on all Beauty & Jewelry products.

You will earn 20% on the “fixed earnings” products. These are products in the Avon brochure that have a diamond ❖ symbol in front of its description. They include items such as purses, clothing, shoes, etc.

As your sales continue to grow, your commission percentages will also increase. Earnings go all the way up to a possible 50% commission.

If you’ve looked at Avon before, you will note that this is a NEW, exciting, simplified commission structure.

It’s quick and easy. You will fill out a very short application, choose your starter kit, and be in business within minutes.

When you Sign up to Sell Avon Online, you will receive your Avon Starter Kit in about 3-5 business days.

Once you join my Avon team, I will send you a welcome email to help you get started. Then you will begin receiving other important updates and trainings from me to help you build your business.

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Start Small, Start Now - Sell Avon Part-Time

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