Say Bye To Acne & Blemishes With Avon

Say Bye To Acne & Blemishes With Avon

Say Bye To Acne & Blemishes With Avon

We all experience acne, clogged pores, and polluted skin, so maintaining clear skin is a top priority.

We’ve gathered up some of our faves—including a foaming cleanser, a three-step treatment, and mineral face masks—that will help keep skin in the clear.

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A Soft Foaming Cleanser

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser

The first step to clear skin is washing your face daily.

Wash up with a foaming cleanser formulated with rice water, the milky white mineral-rich water obtained from rinsing rice.

Its whipped cream-like texture gently cleanses skin to remove makeup residue while moisturizing to give skin a clean, radiant finish. Perfect for your morning routine.

Looking for an even deeper cleanse? View our collection of cleansers.

A Soothing Spot Treatment

Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Spot Healing Patches

Treat acne and dark spots to these soothing healing patches, which remove dirt and impurities while protecting areas prone to breakouts.

Made with calming tea tree leaf oil so your skin will feel relaxed.

Perfect for targeting problem areas.

A Triple-Threat Treatment

Clearskin® Professional 3-Step Acne Treatment System

Getting clear skin can involve many steps, which is why we recommend a three-in-one treatment set like our Professional Acne Treatment System.

Start off with a powerful facial scrub and toning pads that remove deep-down dirt, and end with a correcting lotion that targets blemishes from start to finish.

Below is a breakdown of each individual formula.

Have other skin concerns? Check our collection of high-performance treatments.

A Cooling Skin Scrub

Clearskin® Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub

Wash up with this powerful cleansing scrub, which dissolves pore-clogging dirt while providing a cooling sensation.

Its exfoliating grains help eliminate oil and stave off shine, giving you clean and healthy skin. Still exfoliating? View our full collection of facial scrubs.

A Fast-Acting Cleansing Pad

Clearskin® Professional Clarifying Toner Pads

Wipe away dirt and impurities with these retexturizing toner pads, which instantly unclog pores while soothing skin.

Formulated with alpha hydroxy acid—a natural exfoliator that helps treat and prevent acne while brightening skin’s appearance.

A Blemish Perfecter

Clearskin® Professional Daily Correcting Lotion

Once you’ve deeply cleansed your skin, apply a correcting lotion to fight off any remaining acne.

This multi-tasking treatment will help clear up and prevent blemishes and minimize pores while reducing shine and discoloration.

It’s a must-have product for acne-prone skin. For more hydration, see our full assortment of facial creams and moisturizers.

Powerful Pore Strips

Anew Neutralize Anti-Pollution Pore Strips

Did you know that environmental pollutants are responsible for pesky blackheads and clogged pores?

Strip your nose of these stressors with our powerful charcoal pore strips, which draw out dirt and impurities like a magnet.

Our largest pores are on our nose, so nose strips are an essential when clearing out our skin.

Sorry, these are no longer available.  Check out what’s new at Avon here.

A Charcoal Face Mask

Anew Neutralize Anti-Pollution Charcoal Mask Stick

When you need a skin savior, opt for a charcoal face mask, which eliminates oil and impurities in minutes.

Its unique stick design allows you to target where you apply it—only pollution-prone areas necessary.

This mask will help free your skin of toxins while giving it a brighter, healthier look.

Sorry, these are no longer available.  Check out what’s new at Avon here.

A Detoxifying Mask

Clearskin® Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask

Your skin deserves a detox. Treat yourself to this black mineral mask, which removes pore-clogging dirt and oil while banishing acne.

Simply apply the formula to your face and sit back and relax until it turns from black to grey—the job will be done in minutes.

If you try the above treatments, your skin will turn out cleaner, clearer and healthier. We hope you feel inspired to achieve crystal clear skin.

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Say Bye To Acne & Blemishes With Avon

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