Rory The Lion For Fire Stations

Rory The Lion Fundraiser for SLC FireDepartment Please help us!  Your donation can make a huge difference in someone’s life!

Every day, police and firefighters risk their lives to make our community safer.   While they are out there, they come across many children who are in terrifying situations.

Meet Rory the Lion from AVON! He is a happy little lion who is looking for a child to snuggle!

His dream is to ride around in a fire truck; ready and waiting in case a child is in a scary situation and needs a soft and snuggly friend to help comfort them.

Please help us.

Rory the Lion costs $20.00 each. You can sponsor one or more lions, or you can just make a donation. We will combine the donations to get as many lions as we can.

Richard and Lynn will MATCH the donations. For every Lion you donate, we will purchase one to match it.

All Lions will be given to the following two Fire Stations:

Fire Station #5 – 9th & 9th, 1023 E 900 S., SLC

Fire Station #2 – Marmalade, 270 W. 300 N., SLC

Your donation can bring a smile to a child who has just been exposed to a scary domestic violence incident or a terrifying fire.

Click Here to Sponsor a Lion or to Make a Donation

$20 per Lion, or Whatever You Feel You Can Give Paypal Donate Button


Look for us at the Following Events –

9th & 9th Street Fair – September 16, 2017

Marmalade Jam Festival – September 23, 2017


Thanks for your support.

Fireman With Little Girl

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