Rediscover the Joy of Avon Classic Fragrances!

Rediscover the Joy of Avon Classic Fragrances!

Rediscover the Joy of Avon Classic Fragrances!

Let’s take a fragrant journey down memory lane as we explore the timeless charm of Avon Classic Fragrances.

From iconic scents to nostalgic memories, Avon has been a trusted brand that has delighted millions around the world.

Timeless Elegance

Avon’s classic fragrances are like precious time capsules, capturing the essence of different eras and evoking memories of special moments.

Whether it’s the vintage allure of Sweet Honesty, the sophisticated elegance of Timeless, or the refreshing citrus notes of Odyssey, each fragrance has a unique personality that stands out.

Nostalgic Bliss

Just one whiff of an Avon Classic Fragrance can transport you back to cherished memories.

Remember the scent that your grandmother always wore or the fragrance that reminded you of your carefree youth?

Avon fragrances have a magical way of invoking those joyful feelings and bringing back those happy times.

Endless Variety

Whether you prefer floral and feminine scents like Imari or warm and sensual notes like Far Away, Avon has a fragrance to match your unique personality.

With Avon, you can explore a world of captivating aromas and find your signature scent!


Who says luxury has to come with a hefty price tag?

Avon Classic Fragrances are not only beautifully crafted but also affordable.

You don’t have to break the bank to indulge in a high-quality fragrance that makes you feel fabulous.

Avon believes that everyone deserves to experience the joy of delightful scents without compromising their budget.

A Timeless Legacy

Avon has been in the fragrance game for decades, and Avon classic fragrances continue to win hearts worldwide.

The fact that these fragrances have stood the test of time is a testament to their enduring appeal and undeniable charm.

Avon Classic Fragrances have become a part of our cultural fabric, an emblem of beauty, and a reminder that true classics never go out of style.

Avon Classic Fragrances

Dreamlife Cologne

Dreamlife Cologne Live your dream! A magical blend perfect for every fantasy.

A soft floral cologne. 1.7 fl.oz.


  • Top: Mimosa Flower, Hyacinth, Apricot
  • Mid: Aspirational Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Vanilla
  • Dry: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Glowing Amber

Fragrance Category

  • Fresh Floral

See it here!

Timeless Cologne

Timeless Cologne Our Timeless Cologne is a mystifying combination that lingers elegantly.

An enduring classic, it leaves a lasting impression of warm and exotic notes. 1.7 fl. oz.


  • Top Notes: Mimosa, Sparkling Bergamot, Green aldehydic
  • Mid Notes: Rich Jasmine, Magnolia, Vetiver
  • Bottom notes: Amber, Sensual Patchouli, Musk

Fragrance Category

  • Soft Floral

See it here!

Odyssey Cologne

Odyssey Cologne Send the senses on a journey of rich dreams as you get wrapped in the warm embrace of Odyssey Cologne. 1.7 fl. oz.


  • Top: Tuberose
  • Middle: Ylang-ylang
  • Bottom: Warm oakmoss

Fragrance Category

  • Soft Floral

See it here!

Candid Cologne

Candid Cologne Open yourself up to an outspoken blend of the unexpected, filled with tropical flowers and exotic woods. 1.7 fl. oz.


  • Top: Bergamot
  • Middle: Tuberose
  • Bottom: Patchouli

Fragrance Category

  • Amber Floral

See it here!

Sweet Honesty Cologne

Sweet Honesty Cologne Our Sweet Honesty Cologne is a warm, dreamy fragrance that encapsulates a sweet and innocent moment. 1.7 fl. oz.


  • Top: Lily of the valley
  • Middle: Rose
  • Bottom: Cedarwood

Fragrance Category

  • Soft floral

See it here!

Topaze Cologne

Topaze Cologne Topaze Cologne is exquisite expression of the multifaceted jewel for which it was named—with notes of jasmine, rose and sheer musk. 1.7 fl. oz.


  • Top: Jasmine
  • Middle: Rose
  • Bottom: Sheer Musk

Fragrance Category

  • Soft floral

See it here!

Free O2 For Her

Free O2 For Her Awaken your spirit with a weightless sense of freedom.

Featuring notes of white peach tea, airy honeysuckle and soothing milky musks, this refreshing and lightweight fragrance provides a breath of fresh air. 1.7 fl. oz.


  • Top: Peach tea
  • Middle: Honeysuckle
  • Bottom: Milky Musks

Fragrance Category

  • Fresh Green Floral

See it here!

Night Magic Cologne

Night Magic Cologne Sizzling with a sultry blend of warm and exotic notes, Night Magic Cologne is an enigmatic mix to heat up the night. 1.7 fl. oz.


  • Top: Neroli
  • Middle: Jasmine
  • Bottom: Musk

Fragrance Category

  • Woody Magic

See it here!

Avon Classic Fragrances –

Hand Creams and Perfumed Skin Softeners are also available.

See the Entire Classic Fragrance Line here!

Avon Classic Fragrances – Always Beautiful

Whether you’re a long-time Avon aficionado or someone looking to discover the magic of these timeless scents, it’s time to dive in and experience the joy of Avon Classic Fragrances.

Let their enchanting aromas whisk you away on a fragrant adventure and embrace the beauty that lies within each spritz.

Remember, with Avon, you’re always beautiful!

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Rediscover the Joy of Avon Classic Fragrances!

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