Personal Growth Can Be Damaging If You’re Not Careful

Personal Growth Can Be Damaging If You’re Not Careful

Personal Growth Can Be Damaging If You’re Not Careful

We all know that personal development is critical to success.

I talk about it all the time, so if you’re following me, you probably have a pretty good understanding of what it means, or at least what I mean by it.

Personal growth is also called self-improvement and self-growth.

It’s using various techniques for improving yourself, working on your habits, behaviors, actions, and reactions.

Here are a few examples to clarify what is personal growth:

  • Learning to control anger
  • Learning to overcome procrastination
  • Learning to overcome laziness
  • Learning to be more polite and considerate
  • Becoming a more responsible person
  • Learning new things and developing new skills
  • Changing your mindset and becoming more positive

To be successful in personal growth, you need motivation, the desire to improve, and the willingness to strive to make changes.

One of the most important things is, you also need to be willing to get out of your comfort zone.

You have to be able to do things that might be uncomfortable but that will help you grow.

An open mind and the desire to learn and grow are also important.

The First Step is to be Aware

To be successful in becoming a better, stronger person, you need to become aware of the process, know where you need to grow, and take the right steps to grow and improve yourself.

Sometimes something will happen in your life that acts as a trigger and awakens your desire to grow.

Other times people are inspired to be better after reading an inspiring book, watching a movie, or reading about the people who achieved.

Or maybe you’re someone who has started your own business and understand that your income follows your personal growth, and so you are determined to work to become better.

The right self-help book, video, or audio can be a powerful tool to guide people towards that growth.

Many people can attest to experiencing transformation because they put the information to use right away.

People have gone from nervous, shy, and lacking in confidence to become calm, outgoing, and confident in their ability to do things.

This is where personal growth can totally benefit you.

But Sometimes Personal Growth can be Damaging

Yes, there are many people who have used personal growth and have become better, more confident, and better able to handle whatever comes their way.

But the key thing is – and I mentioned it earlier – is the people who were successful put the information to use right away.

They learned and then took action and put it into practice.

Then they learned some more and took action and put that into practice.

The most common way personal growth can be damaging is when a person uses that self-help book, or video, or audio as a delay tactic.

I see this happen.  I’ve seen it happen with people in my business.

They’re doing the personal development; watching a few videos, reading the book, or whatever…

And then they instantly feel as though they’re making good progress toward being a better version of themselves.

They’ve made the effort by buying the book after all: so they can pat themselves on the back and keep on reading.

And then they buy the next book. And the corresponding course. And then the videos. And then the next book. And they feel great about themselves…

Except they haven’t actually changed anything.

Personal development can be destructive when it is used as a delay tactic.

Know Who to Trust

Another time when self-help can be negative is when you aren’t getting the right information or it’s coming from an unqualified person.

The good thing about the internet is that anyone and everyone can contribute.

The bad thing about the internet is that anyone and everyone can contribute. 🙂

There is a lot of incentive for people to appear as experts to get visitors to their sites and then earn cash from the number of visitors.

The problem is when you follow advice that is based on zero evidence or that is offered by someone who has no authority or credibility to offer it.

For instance, it’s common knowledge that visualizing your goal can help you achieve it.

What isn’t common knowledge is that this only works if it’s done correctly.

You can’t just visualize it.  You have to also take action.

Without action, it’s just a dream.

Which means there is a wrong way to visualize.

The lesson here is simple: question what you read, and then as you try it in your life decide if it’s really working for you.

If it doesn’t make sense or if it isn’t working for you, then seek out someone who has credibility by asking for recommendations from trusted colleagues.

Take Action To Achieve Success

When you’ve learned a little about personal growth and learned what you have to do to become better, now it’s time to act.

Personal growth is about taking the time, and making the commitment, to invest in your greatest resource – you.

When you put the effort into developing yourself, the rewards are amazing.

Many people are put off by personal development because the results are not always measurable.

But the greatest achievers in life know that the key to success is the ability to manage yourself in a variety of situations.

And that comes from personal growth.

It comes from evaluating where you are now, learning how you can become better, and then taking action to put what you learned into practice.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Is personal growth something you consciously work on?

What kinds of things help you to remember that you need to practice what you learn?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

I would love to hear your stories.

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