Perioe Microbiome To Help Support Healthy Oral Care

Perioe Microbiome To Help Support Healthy Oral Care

Perioe Microbiome To Help Support Healthy Oral Care

Perioe Microbiome helps support healthy oral care.

Microbiomes are beneficial micro-flora, with prebiotics, which create a protective layer that help keep teeth and gums looking healthy all over.

Brushing can help wipe out “bad bacteria” that hides in the gum tissue, but toothpaste with prebiotics can help tip the balance in favor of “good bacteria” to support optimum oral health.

The Microbiome Miracle

Our bodies are teeming with diverse communities of microorganisms that play a crucial role in maintaining our health.

The oral cavity, with its unique ecosystem, is no exception.

In fact, your mouth is home to the second-largest amount of microbiome in the body second only to the gut.

Being the gate, oral microbiome is related to overall health.

Enter Perioe Microbiome – a breakthrough concept that harnesses the power of good bacteria to support a balanced oral environment.

Radiant Smile, Inside Out

Picture this: a gleaming smile that radiates your inner joy.

With Perioe Microbiome, achieving that dazzling smile is not just a dream – it’s a reality waiting to be embraced!

By nurturing the balance of your oral microbiome, you’re not only ensuring strong teeth and gums but also promoting a radiant smile that reflects your vibrant personality.

Perioe Microbiome Toothpaste

With fluoride, plus microbiome technology containing prebiotics to help maintain a healthy oral care balance.

Perioe Microbiome Toothpaste Total Care Perioe Microbiome Toothpaste Total Care

Helps fight plaque and cavities and promotes fresh breath.

With charcoal and propolis extract.

Strong Mint flavor. 5.4 oz. net wt

See it here!

Perioe Microbiome Toothpaste Whitening Perioe Microbiome Toothpaste Whitening

Helps remove stains and brighten smile while fighting cavities.

With charcoal and lemon extract.

Cool Mint flavor. 4.1 oz. net wt.

See it here!

Perioe Microbiome Toothpaste Sensitive Perioe Microbiome Toothpaste Sensitive

Helps soothe sensitive teeth and fight cavities.

With charcoal and propolis extract.

Clean Mint flavor. 3.5 oz. net wt.

See it here!

Oral Care is Self Care

In a world where self-care is paramount, Perioe Microbiome stands as a beacon of positivity, reminding us that a radiant smile is more than just a cosmetic goal – it’s a reflection of our inner vitality.

So, let your smile shine, embrace the Perioe Microbiome, and let your oral care routine become a joyful celebration of life!

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Perioe Microbiome To Help Support Healthy Oral Care

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