Let Your Senses Take You Away With An Avon Bubble Bath

Let Your Senses Take You Away With An Avon Bubble Bath

Let Your Senses Take You Away With An Avon Bubble Bath

Who doesn’t love the feeling of taking a hot bath and melting all of the day’s stress away?

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to really escape in a luxurious bubble bath, but it’s worth it to make the time.

A relaxing bubble bath with Avon Senses calms your mind and body with fresh scents and long-lasting bubbles.

In fact, taking a bubble bath is one of the most affordable, yet self-indulgent ways to practice self-care.  A bubble bath can make a serious difference when you’re feeling stressed – helping you unwind after a long day, relax before bed, and of course, get squeaky clean.

Avon offers eight different scent combinations for you to choose from.

There’s Lily & Honeysuckle Blossom, Vanilla Cream, Cucumber Melon, Lavender Garden, Endless Ocean, Soft Pink, Cherry Blossom and Sensitive Skin

I love these all so much it’s hard to pick a favorite.  But I do love the relaxing Lavender Garden.  It helps me bring my mind and body back into balance.

The bubbles are plentiful and long-lasting, and are not soapy or sudsy at all.

My whole bathroom smells amazing when I take a bath with Avon Senses.  And I just love relaxing with a glass of wine in hand and a good book to read.

Then I finish my bath by adding a few drops of Skin-So-Soft Original Bath Oil during the last few minutes.

It’s heavenly… and leaves my skin feeling silky soft and nourished, radiant and healthy looking.

If you’re one of the women who just can’t seem to find the time to take a bath, I have a feeling that one evening with Avon Bubble Bath with change your mind.

Avon Senses Bubble Bath

Treat yourself and soak your stress away with a blissful bubble bath!

Up to 24 pampering baths in every bottle.  Dermatologically tested.


Avon Bubble Bath - Lilly & Honeysuckle Blossom

Lily & Honeysuckle Blossom

Avon Bubble Bath - Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Cream

Avon Bubble Bath - Cucumber Melon

Cucumber Melon

Avon Bubble Bath Lavender Garden

Lavender Garden

Avon Bubble Bath - Endless Ocean

Endless Ocean

Avon Bubble Bath - Soft Pink

Soft Pink

Avon Bubble Bath - Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Avon Bubble Bath - Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

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Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil

Our most iconic brand, with the quality and benefits you love, now with a modernized new look!

Moisturize your skin while you bathe with Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil. This jojoba infused bath oil is perfect for daily use. Its fresh herbal scent is made to both awaken and relax your senses. This luxury bath oil is made to open your pores for maximum moisture absorption.

Turn dry or rough skin silky smooth faster than you thought possible. This 16.9 fl. oz. bottle is great to use while bathing or for direct application afterword.

Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil Benefits

  • Luxury bath oil leaves skin feeling amazingly soft
  • Smoothes dry skin without irritation
  • Fresh scent awakens and soothes your mind and body
  • Contains jojoba oil
  • Fresh herbal scent
  • Doubles as an after-shower softening treat when applied to damp skin

To Use

  • Add a small amount of oil to full bath and allow to disperse or apply to arms and legs, or wherever needed after bathing


“This bath oil smells wonderful, and after adding a tablespoon to my bath, I was instantly relaxed. The light oil left my skin feeling ultra soft and velvety smooth. Best of all, it locks in much-needed moisture, so bath after bath, my skin stays nourished and looking healthy.”

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