Laces – A Story About Perception

Laces – A Story About Perception

This is a story of twin sisters that did everything together. But they each had their unique perception.

They grew up together, played together, went to school together, graduated together, went to the same college together… and today, they live together and own a business together.

As identical twins, they were so close they almost had their own language. They could even finish each other’s sentences.

There was just one little difference – and sometimes it was the only way others could tell them apart – one sister always wore slip-on shoes, and the other always wore lace-up shoes.

Nobody ever even thought anything about it. It was just who they were.

And people were happy to have that one little difference to tell them apart.

That Little Perception was the Most Unique Trait Between the Twins

One day the twins were getting ready to go on a business trip to a conference that promised to help take their business to the next level.

As they were getting ready, the slightly younger sister, the one that always wore lace-up shoes, broke her shoelace.

She called up to her sister asking if she had any spare laces.

The older sister laughed out loud and said, “You know I always wear slip-ons. What possible reason would I have to have spare laces? Why don’t you just come here and borrow a pair of my shoes?

The younger sister thought about this. She knew they were both wearing different outfits that day, so surely her sister would have shoes that would match the outfit she was wearing today. But it just didn’t feel comfortable.  That was so different than what she was used to.

Not wanting to be late for the important meeting, she relented and borrowed her sister’s shoes. They went to the meeting, and on the way home that night stopped to buy replacement laces.

In our Lives, as we go About Our Day, Perception is Everything.

If you are wearing slip-on shoes, you don’t see any value in a pair of laces. But if you have lace-up shoes (with either no laces or a broken lace), then that pair of laces is highly valuable to you. It’s all about how your circumstances and your perceptions define the value of something.

It’s the Same When we Look at Trying Something New, or Look into Selling Avon for the First Time.

Many times, we will see an opportunity like Avon and we wonder if it would be a good opportunity for us.

But sometimes we need to take our own personal perception out of the equation and think about what our possible market and potential customers might see.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we need to find part-time employment. Maybe we’re looking to help stretch our retirement dollars. Or maybe we’re looking for a way to make money so we can stay home with our children.

One of the best benefits of being an Avon Representative is that it provides a flexible alternative to traditional employment. With so many of us dealing with raising our kids, or even taking care of our aging parents, Avon provides the flexibility to build our Avon business in the context of our other responsibilities – the ultimate work-life balance.

Avon is just a great opportunity.

It is one of the oldest direct-sales companies, established in the 1800’s!

Avon sells some of the most affordable quality beauty products offered by direct-sales companies. And Avon goes out of their way to help you find success.

If You’re Looking for a Way to Make Extra Money at Home, it’s a Good Idea to Think About Your Future Customers.

Will they find the same value that we do?

Or will that product be just a pair of laces to customers who all happen to own slip-on shoes?

Take a good look at Avon. I believe you’ll find that it is just the opportunity you need. 🙂

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