Join Avon Now and Get 50% Off Wellness Products For Your New Yea

Join Avon Now and Get 50% Off Wellness Products For Your New Year Goals

Join Avon Now and Get 50% Off Wellness Products For Your New Year Goals

Once you are done decking the halls and the eggnog is gone, it’s time to get busy with those New Year’s Resolutions.

Many of us use this time to evaluate where we stand as far as our health and wellness, and make resolutions to live better in the New Year.

Did your doctor say something to you at your last appointment? Did they say…

  • Lose weight?
  • Eat more Veggies and Fruits?
  • Reduce your Stress?
  • Move More and Increase your Physical Activity?
  • Reduce the Sodium in your Diet?
  • Drink more Water?

We all know that we can be healthier, and there are some health and wellness areas that we can improve.

Well, you are in luck!

Avon is launching an all-new, Health & Wellness line called Espira just in time for the New Year.

Espira is a customized health and wellness line designed just for you, with formulations containing ingredients designed to boost and sustain your natural energy.

Our nutritional supplements contain ingredients that are naturally sourced to reset your metabolism, restore and promote your natural radiance.

Espira by Avon - Boost - Glow - Restore

We have a 30-Day System to Reboot Your Metabolism, Optimize your health & wellbeing with our Complete Nutrition Vitamin Packs, and supplements to help you reduce stress, sleep better, and live healthier.

Click Here for our Espira Product Guide – This at-a-glance guide shows you each new product: What it does, how it works, ingredients, quantities, and prices.

These products will be available in Campaign 03, 2018 – right around the first of the year.

But if you Join now and become an Avon Representative, you can get started right away with a special introductory discount of 50%!

This offer is good right now in Campaign 01 & 02, 2018. But even if you start later, you can still earn regular commission on these items.

It’s only $30 to Start! – It’s a quick application, choose your kit and get started right away. The $30 kit comes with your choice of product bundles valued at over $80 in products.

And then you can immediately place your order for your wellness products at the Representative special discount and receive it in a few days.

Avon is set up to be flexible enough for you to work your business the way it works for YOU! Work it like a hobby or work it like your job.

That means you can become a Representative and just purchase your own wellness products at a discount, sell it to a few friends or coworkers, or build a huge business. And of course, you’ll still have access to the hundreds of other Avon products too.

The choice is yours to make, because with Avon, YOU ARE THE BOSS!

  • No expensive inventories to stock.
  • Earn online or face-to-face.
  • Earn 40% right from the start!
  • Tons of support!
  • Unlimited earnings potential!
  • Earn the same on online eStore orders as face-to-face! Sell whichever way you prefer, earn the same either way!
  • Cash bonuses for every person you invite to join Avon!
  • Cash bonuses (up to $20,000!!!) as you build your business and advance in title!
  • Amazing new products, which your customers will love!

To get started right away, Click Here

It’s a very short, quick application, chose your starter kit, and you’re in business immediately!  It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Ready to get started as an Avon Representative???

Just Click Here, fill out a short application, pay your signup fee, choose your Free Gift Bundle, and just like that you’ll be ready to go!

   Sell Avon Online - You've Got What it Takes

To learn more about the Avon opportunity,
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