Is Your Avon Wish List Bigger Than Your Wallet?

Is Your Avon Wish List Bigger Than Your Wallet?

Is Your Avon Wish List Bigger Than Your Wallet?

Have you looked through the Avon Book and found all kinds of things you wanted?  Or maybe even great gifts for your family and friends?

But what if your wish list is bigger than your wallet?

We can help you!  It’s easy! Host a Virtual Avon Party and receive FREE Hostess Rewards along with half priced items!

You can earn free Avon by hosting an Avon Book Party or an Online Event.  In fact, if you work it right, you may be able to take care of ALL your holiday shopping!

It’s Easy!

You can take a couple of brochures to work and take orders, or we can do an Avon Online Party for you!

Cleaning the house and rearranging the furniture for guests to come by your home for an evening is now a thing of the past.

Online parties – right from the comfort of your home via your mobile phone, iPad, laptop, or computer – are all the rage these days.

And I’m not talking Facebook.  Facebook is so 2017! 🙂

The platform we use for online parties makes it so easy!  Just like with Facebook parties, all the guests hop onto the website into the hosts virtual living room and the party takes place there.

Our parties are approximately 1 hour and then they are done – Easy-Peazy!

It’s almost like watching a PowerPoint presentation but with a chat box and private messaging capabilities.  Everyone is on the same post together, chatting and discussing the slide we are viewing.  Nobody gets lost.

As the host or the guest, you don’t have to advance the slides or videos… the Avon Representative, well me… takes care of all that.  Just be comfortable and spend the time chatting with your guests. 🙂

Enjoy the Perks!

It is a great way to stretch your gift giving budget because the hostess rewards can really add up.

If you invite enough guests, you can literally end up with hundreds of dollars worth of free product.

Everybody Wins!

Our party comes with fun, games, and prizes.  Guests go away happy, and you get Free Avon!  It couldn’t get any better than that!

How Much Will You Earn?

Host an Avon Party with Lynn Huber

With Avon’s new Partnerships with Avon + The Face Shop, Chi Hair Care, Disney’s Frozen, along with Avon’s traditional holiday line-up, there’s sure to be something for everyone on your list!

If you would like to schedule an Avon Online Party, fill out the contact form below:

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