Improve Your Life With Hope, Optimism, And Positive Thinking

Improve Your Life With Hope, Optimism, And Positive Thinking

Improve Your Life With Hope, Optimism, And Positive Thinking

Trying to sustain a healthy, happy lifestyle can seem like a juggling act at times.  Maintaining the work, life balance is an art in and of itself.  With the power of hope, optimism, and positive thinking, you can keep your balance and do so with ease.

Hope, optimism, and positive thinking all sound the same, but there are some differences.

But each of these mindset characteristics have their own built-in benefits.

Let’s look at the differences and the wonderful benefits of each.

The Power of Hope & Why it Matters

First off… What does hope actually mean?

For some, it’s simply “wishful thinking.”

For others, there is more power behind being hopeful.

We all go through life with an expectation of how it “should” look,  but yet, sometimes life delivers us something different.

We make plans and then something gets in the way of those plans.

Sometimes it’s something we did that ran us off course.

But sometimes it can also be the actions of others or circumstances beyond our control like a job loss or divorce.

One of the hardest the hardest things to accept is that we are not always in control.

The beauty of hope lies within what we can control – OUR reaction.

When we take on being hopeful, we take back our power.

The power in being hopeful is that it allows us to understand that while we can’t control the circumstance in this moment, we can take on a hopeful attitude for something better in the future.

When we are hopeful, our actions emanate from that positive belief.

Being hopeful puts us in the driver’s seat and we can head in a different direction.

The Power of Optimism & Why It Matters

While being hopeful is essential in maintaining our equilibrium when life throws us a curve, being optimistic is different.

The power of optimism is key to sustaining a healthy balance in all areas of life such as relationships, career, and health.

So, what exactly is optimism?

The best way to describe optimism is having a positive expectation, a certainty, that all things will work out in your life with the most optimal result.

The more optimistic you are, the more you expect to get positive results.

When you maintain an optimistic outlook, your brain attempts to produce results that are in alignment with your mindset.

Your actions stem from your beliefs.

We talk about that all the time.

Our belief is so critical to our success in every area of our lives.

And optimism falls into this as well.

If you believe things will work out for the best, your thoughts, feelings, and, actions reflect that belief.

And guess what!?

Things will most likely work out for the best

The Power of Positive Thinking & Why it Matters

While hope is an intentional mindset for future goals, wishes, and desires; and optimism is a way of living life from a habit of being certain of positive outcomes; positive thinking is more of a conscious lifestyle.

Some would say positive thinking is the beginning to living with an automatic way of being optimistic in life.

Positive thinking is a way of looking at a situation and finding the silver lining, even if the situation is not ideal.

For example, if someone loses their job, they can view it as an ending of something or a beginning of something.

The possibility exists of finding an even better job or maybe even starting their own business.

Reframing something negative with the power of positive thinking and seeing the potential gives you the power to see the possibilities inside of that experience.

Who Do you Know Who Embodies These Qualities?

One person who I know who embodies all of these qualities is Timothy Brown with Avon.

If you are with Avon and don’t know him, you might want to look him up.

He’s an Avon Rep, and is the most hopeful, optimistic and positive person I know.

You can learn a lot from following him.

But even if you’re not with Avon, I bet you know someone like that.

Pay attention to these types of people.

They are amazing teachers!

While we may not always control our circumstances, we can control our mindset with the possibilities inside of the power of hope, optimism, and positive thinking.

We are always in control of our own mindset.

That is one choice which is always ours.

So now I’d love to hear from you.

Do you practice all three – hope, optimism & positive thinking?

Is one easier or harder than the other?

What helps you to be more hopeful, optimistic & positive?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  I would love to hear your stories. 🙂

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