How To Wear Sparkly Makeup

How To Wear Sparkly Makeup

How To Wear Sparkly Makeup

Sparkly makeup catches our eye in the package (and was rocked by many of us at prom!), but is it really wearable years past graduation? The answer is yes! There are always ways to shine like a grownup.

Think shimmer, not glitter.

Shimmer is glitter’s older sister. It’s more refined and sophisticated, yet still lights up your look.

Avoid eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes with visible chunks of glitter that can feel very young. Instead, you want something with a more subdued luminosity that softly twinkles when the light hits it.

Try Avon Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow for buildable shimmery coverage—from a delicate effect to an intense impact.

Getting started on the sparkly makeup trend.

If the makeup you usually wear is light and understated, trying out the sparkly makeup trend can be daunting.

Transition into sparkles by picking neutral shades. This is the easiest way to make sure you don’t overdo the glitter.

Go for muted shimmery tones or pick an eyeshadow shade like beige, brown or copper that comes to life with a touch of glitter.

When you’ve had more practice with sparkly makeup and have mastered the technique that works for you, you can sub in a bronze or black glitter for a lit-up night look. Work with colors that you’ve already worn (and loved!) as a starting point.

There’s a time and a place for it.

Remember that sparkle isn’t going to work for any old occasion.

For your day-to-day look, a soft, shimmery beige eyeshadow adds the perfect dose of glow. For a night makeup look, you can venture into more standout shades.

Use it in small doses.

Wearing full-on sparkle can easily go overboard. To avoid the surplus of shine, focus on just one feature at a time. Whether it’s on your nails or in your eye liner, little hints of sparkle add a fun touch to a holiday party or evening out (while allowing the rest of your makeup to stay polished.)

On nails, try Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel, which includes shades that have a shimmer finish; for eyes, we love the flash of twinkle you get from Avon True Color Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner.

Keep it balanced.

One of the best ways to look more like a diva and less like a glitter ball is by choosing just one feature you’d like to sparkle. For example, if you’re playing up the sparkle on your eyes, then go more toned down on your cheeks and lips.

Having a hard time judging if your look is balanced or not?

Try this tip: Look away from your makeup for a minute, then walk towards a mirror and take note of which feature your eyes are drawn to first.

If it’s your glitter lips while the rest of the face blends into the background, then you’re rocking the sparkly makeup look. If your eyes go to your glitter lip then zoom into your sparkly eyes and – oh, wow, look at that highlighted cheek—you’ve overdone it and will need to choose either your lips, cheeks or eyes and play down everything else.

It’s sexy on skin.

One can’t-go-wrong way to wear shimmer is with highlighter. But where highlighter has been heavier and more defined in recent years, the new trend is a shift towards highlighter that is less dramatic – a glow that is softer, rather than shiny.

Add shimmer to where the light naturally hits your face—Cupid’s bow, tip of nose, tops of cheekbones and brow bones.

We like Avon True Color Dazzle Drops because it provides a gorgeous, luminescent dewy finish with a touch of silky moisture. Another one of our favorites is the Avon True Color Moonlit Highlighting Powder, which delivers a pearly finish that adds natural radiance to your look.

Keep it age-appropriate.

So, you thought sparkly makeup was only for those who had no memory of roller skates and cassette tapes? Think again.

Sparkly makeup works no matter what age you are—it’s all about choosing the right shade and level of intensity. When rocked the right way, shimmer has the ability to highlight your best features.

For more mature eyes, a soft shimmering shade like beige combined with a brown mascara is super flattering.

2019’s sparkly makeup trends.

Last year’s glitter trend has got a whole new lease on life this year in the form of icy opals and metallic fuchsia, pearlescent browns, velvety mauves with a brown hue and creamy shadow with a touch of fine silver.

Sparkly makeup isn’t going anywhere, so take advantage by rocking the right shimmer for your skin tone and the occasion. And don’t forget, when it comes to sparkle, less is usually more!

The best way to apply sparkly eye makeup.

The biggest trend in glitter in 2019 is the sparkly eye makeup look. It takes a bit of practice to get it right – but following these four expert tips will set you off in the right direction.

Use catwalk looks for inspiration only:

The sparkly eye makeup looks seen on the catwalk are pushing the boundaries of the glitter look. Extreme makeup created by expert makeup artists looks fabulous on the ramp and provides the perfect inspiration for your real-world glitter eyeshadow look.

For dark shades, try powder eyeshadows with a touch of lighter shimmer in the center of the eyelids. Another option for subtle shimmer is using a glimmering liquid eye liner to

Sparkle without all the mess:

The reason most of us give up on mastering the sparkly eyeshadow look is because it can get pretty messy during the application process.

But there is an easy way around this: make sure to do your eye makeup first in your beauty routine. If you end up with glitter in spots where you don’t want it, use a piece of Scotch tape for easy removal.

Applying this season’s shimmering smoky eye:

As big as this season’s shiny smoky eye is, it’s best to keep this look for a night out.

Start with neutral shadows to create a nude base. Then, use a black or dark brow eye liner pencil.

The next part is the best part—the shimmer. Two shimmers, like gold and silver, are better than one. Finish off the shimmering smoky eye look with a few coats of mascara.

The goal is put all off the attention on your sparkly eyeshadow look.

Keep the glitter where it’s meant to be:

For a special occasion when you know your sparkly makeup will have to go the distance, use a cosmetic glitter glue as well as a setting spray to keep your look in place.

One place your sparkly eye makeup should never go is on the waterline. This sensitive area can easily be irritated by glitter. Also, never use craft glitter near your eyes. This type of glitter is not meant to be worn as makeup and can do damage if it gets in your eyes.

Be sure to use a glitter eye liner instead!

Adding sparkle to the lips.

The crimson glitter lip is a hot sparkly makeup trend—if applied the right way! Instead of haphazardly throwing glitter onto your pout, brush on a light dusting of red glitter or get a lip gloss that already has a subtle shimmer to it.

Remember to play down the eyes and cheeks when using shimmer on the lips and to keep this as a party look.

Gorgeous glitter nails.

If you’re still too nervous to use shimmer on your face, showcase it on your nails.

Whether it’s a one-nail accent or full-on mani, polish is the perfect way to give in to the glitter craze.

The same rules apply to keeping this look grown-up. Use two coats of sheer, shimmery polish. Then, using a striper brush (for sale at most craft stores), trace your nail bed with a darker glittery color. Finish off with a quick-drying top coat.

Not crafty? Try a sparkly nail polish that does all the work for you – but choose a shimmer polish instead of a glitter polish, and neutral colors will give you a more subtle finish. A nod to the occasion applies to sparkly nail polish just as it does to sparkly makeup.

Now that you know how to rock the sparkly makeup look, it’s time to go forward and shine!

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