How To Get The Modern Power Brow

How To Get The Modern Power Brow

How To Get The Modern Power Brow

Big & Multiplied Volume Mascara If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the beautiful window dressing that frame the face. We declare that the power brow is back—and stronger than ever.

Ready to get your “eyebrows on fleek?” Avon’s Beauty for a Purpose spoke with the pros about the confidence that comes with fierce brows—and how to get the look.

Behold, the power of the brow

Brows have a language of their own. When groomed and shaped correctly they can express everything from allure to empathy. “Well-groomed brows are not only powerful, but liberating—because they make such a statement, you can get away with very little makeup, just a beautiful lip color and mascara,” says celebrity makeup and brow artist Julie Tussey. “Brows are dependable—meaning you can have a bad hair day, but your brows will pull everything together and always boost your confidence.” Avon Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen’s take on ungroomed brows? “It’s like a putting a picture on the wall without a frame.”

What is a power brow?

Tussey defines it as a big, bold brow that is large in size and strong in color, with an angled shape to complement the lines of a woman’s cheekbones and jawbone. Brow shape depends on personal preference, but the experts agree that full is fierce. “I suggest keeping them as full as possible because they will naturally begin to leave you as time marches on,” Tussey notes. Lauren Andersen (who shows off her gorgeous brows in the photo above) suggests following the shape of your brow bone to enhance your natural face shape.

Ignore the fads

Forget all those prior moments of, ahem, experimentation (luckily, those over-arched mistakes grew back!). Whether you hear that thin is in or it’s all about the curves, pay no attention to how everyone else is tweezing (or waxing, or threading). “I am a firm believer in not following the trends when it comes to brows. They need to be framed to your own face shape,” says beauty and style expert Rebekah George. Tussey agrees: “Find a brow shape that is the best for your face shape and stick with it the rest of your life.”

Don’t overdo it

Those with a tendency to keep plucking, step away from the tweezers. Like everything in beauty and in life, it’s important to find a good balance. “Brows should be groomed but not over-groomed, structured but clean,” says Lauren Andersen. Avoid this trap: “When shaping their own brows, most women do not consider the length. There is a tendency to shorten the brows at the front and at the ends, and make the body of the brow too thin,” Tussey notes.

Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, so let the mirror be your guide as to when it’s time for a cleanup. “You don’t have to do it as often as you think. The key is not to overdo it, so go the maximum time in between growing your brows,” says George (who’s found that a once-every-three-months schedule works best for her). “If you mess with them too much they just might leave you for good, so please give your brow hair a lot of love!” Tussey adds.

Assemble your arsenal

If you can, find a professional who knows how to groom brows—and stick with that person. “A professional brow is the same as a professional haircut…a designed shape is much easier to follow,” says Tussey, who encourages checking that the pro has gone to school, has a license to perform her craft, and works in a professional setting practicing clinical techniques and cleanliness. After a few visits (aka “brow rehab”), she says her clients can learn how to maintain their brows independently (check out her YouTube video for more specific instructions).

George offers a tip on finding just the right guru: “On your first visit, just do a consult and have them etch out what they would do in white pencil so you can see the shape,” she suggests. For at-home touch-ups, she recommends investing in a brow brush and scissors, as well as powder or pencil to fill in any gaps (for the best effect, it should be no more than two shades lighter than your natural hair color).

Most importantly, have patience—both with your brow hair’s growth and the quest for the perfect shape. With a little time (and the right tweezers), your power brows will be on point.

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