How To Be Successful Selling Avon Online

How To Be Successful Selling Avon Online

How To Be Successful Selling Avon Online

Today’s Avon is far more than just a little lipstick and some blush!

Avon today provides over five million Avon Representatives the opportunity to have their own business, work from home, and live the lifestyle they choose.

In fact, in 2018, Avon Representatives together earned more than $8 billion.

With an opportunity like that, Avon is the perfect side gig for people who want to work from home, around whatever else they are currently, and choose the hours they want to work.

And with Avon, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Ready to get started to Sell Avon??? Just Click Here, fill out a short application, choose the option you want to join with, and just like that, you’ll be ready to go!

I’m Here to Help You!

Throughout my many years with Avon, I’ve received many calls and emails from Avon Representatives asking for help with how to sell Avon – both face-to-face and online.

Because of this, I created a blog specifically to teach Representatives how to be successful in their own Avon Business, whether they’re looking to build online or through traditional methods. You can find it here

Avon is the perfect opportunity for someone looking to earn some money. Whether it’s a little extra spending money, or enough for an annual family vacation, or even full-time executive income, your Avon business happily meets your needs.

A little bit of effort will bring in pocket money or getting your products at a discount. With a lot of effort, you can build a big business.  If you’re looking to make lots of money, I strongly suggest that you do all three options below.

As an Avon Representative, there are three ways you make money:

  1. Selling Avon Face-to-Face – There are lots of ways to sell Avon face-to-face… Passing out brochures to your friends and family, taking brochures to work and sharing them with your coworkers, getting out there and meeting new people (like at stores, restaurants, etc.) and passing out brochures, setting up a table or booth at an event, or even going door-to-door.
  2. Selling Avon Online – You will be given your own Avon Online Store where you will be able to sell online. You can set it up so that your customer places their order on your website and pays for their order just like any other shopping website, and then Avon ships the products directly to them.
  3. Starting Your Own Avon Team – You share the Avon opportunity with others and help them build their own business. You are there to mentor and support them as they grow their business, and then you will earn a bonus commission from your entire team sales.

Ready to get started to Sell Avon??? Just Click Here, fill out a short application, choose the option you want to join with, and just like that, you’ll be ready to go!

It Takes Time to Build a Large Successful Business.

You cannot build a huge online Avon business overnight.

To make the most money, I suggest you start both with traditional selling Avon face-to-face and building online at the same time. Traditional selling will give you an immediate income while you’re building your online business.

As your online business grows, you can slow down or pull back on your traditional selling if you choose.

But, if you prefer, you can still build a solid online-only Avon business.  How quickly you find success is really dependent on how much effort you put into it.

Avon Provides the Tools to Help you Sell Avon Online.

Avon’s Social Selling Platform allows Avon Representatives to promote their Avon business on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

With these posts, Avon Representatives are able to create an online community on social media, while allowing you to engage with people from all over the world.

You will have the ability to customize your Avon Social Media Center with your own links so that your prospects will be directed to your Avon Online Store and be linked to you.

You can track your progress and see how you are performing. You’ll be able to see who has clicked on your posts, and who has interacted with your posts, and you’ll be able to interact back with them.

Once you build a solid online Avon business, you will reap the rewards of having repeat loyal Online Customers who will come back again and again.

My mission is to help you learn how to Sell Avon online and how to use social media tools and other online tools to help you build that solid business.

If you choose more traditional ways of selling Avon, I’m here to support you as well.

In my OnlineBeautyBiz blog, you’ll find all kinds of ideas about how to build both traditional face-to-face and online.

This blog is just one of the supports I have put into place to help you be successful.  When you join my team, I will be right there with you, side by side, helping you build your successful Avon business!

The great thing about Avon is you are in control of how you want to build your business. You are also in control of how much money you make because the more effort you put into your business, the more money you will make.

I am here to help you be successful as you build your business the way you choose.

Ready to get started to Sell Avon??? Just Click Here, fill out a short application, choose the option you want to join with, and just like that, you’ll be ready to go!

Ready to get started as an Avon Representative???

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