How to Identify Your Skin Type

How to Identify Your Skin Type

How to Identify Your Skin Type

Whatever your skin type is, all skin types can benefit from daily cleansing and moisturizing.

Different skin types, which include normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin, have different needs—which is why understanding your skin type is the first step in caring for it.

By understanding what type of skin you have, you can begin to make informed decisions—giving your skin the care and protection it needs now and for years to come.

But How Do You Know What Skin Type You Have?

Follow These 3 Easy Steps And Check The Results

Wash Your Face –

Wash off any makeup, oil, or dirt on your face, and double cleanse for the best results.

This step is essential in figuring out your skin type because any product residue on your face makes it difficult to understand what your true skin type is.

Wait –

To properly figure out your skin type, wait 15-30 minutes without putting any product on.

Yes, I know it’s difficult, but you’ll thank me later.

This step is like working on a slow computer, it’s annoying and it brings out the true menace in you.

The same goes for your skin in this process.

Examine Your Skin –

Once you’ve washed and waited patiently, you’re ready to examine your skin in order to figure out your skin type.

The Skin Type Results

Normal Skin –

  • Skin is neither too oily nor too dry
  • Pores are fine, hardly visible
  • Skin tone is even, clear, and smooth
  • Can use any texture for moisturizers

Dry Skin –

  • Face feels dry, tight, and possibly itchy
  • Little to no oil in T-zone or other areas of the face
  • Prone to breakouts, redness, peeling if not properly moisturized
  • Pores barely visible
  • Use moisturizer or oil that penetrates deeply into the skin

Oily Skin –

  • The face looks shiny, may feel slick after a short period of time with clean, product-free skin
  • Prone to breakouts due to overproduction of oil that can cause clogged pores, especially in T-zone
  • Pores may seem enlarged and visible
  • Use gel-like moisturizers, light lotions, or gentle whipped textures.
  • Oils can work too, as some like Green Goddess can help balance sebum (oil) in your skin.

Combination Skin –

  • Oily in T-zone (around chin, nose, forehead); other areas can be normal or dry
  • Prone to breakouts in T-zone with enlarged pores that may be visible
  • Can be challenging as it requires targeted products for different areas of the face
  • Use gel-like moisturizer or lotion in T-zone or other oily areas and oil or serum-based moisturizer on dry areas

Special Note for Sensitive Skin

Managing sensitive skin can be challenging, as it takes considerable time and effort to determine which ingredients cause inflammation and irritation.

To make this process easier, introduce only one new formula or product at a time.

This rule applies to both skincare and cosmetics.

Patch testing a new formula on your inner forearm is an excellent way to minimize potential reactions on the face.

If your skin shows no sign of flaring up, apply the formula to the area behind one of your ears before using it on your face.

Look for labels that identify formulas as non-irritating and non-sensitizing and free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, sulfate detergents, phthalates, urea, DEA or TEA, as these ingredients can result in redness and itchiness.


Our skin’s needs can change over time and taking steps to best identify its needs is essential for it to function and look its best.

Keeping the health of your skin in mind and “checking in” regularly to determine whether any adjustments to your current ritual are needed will keep it balanced and beautiful.

In future posts, we’ll look at specific skin care concerns and which products will help you address them.

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How to Identify Your Skin Type

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