Gaining Victory Over Fear And Uncertainty

Gaining Victory Over Fear And Uncertainty

Gaining Victory Over Fear And Uncertainty

Generally, life has its complications and the journey is not always rosy. But it’s important that we gain victory over fear and uncertainty.

I mean… life can be amazing…

And yet, nothing complicates life more than change, expectations in general, bad experiences that we cannot get off our heads, and self-doubt.

If not well managed, these create fear and uncertainty within us.

It goes without saying that once fear and uncertainty take over our lives, our world can easily be turned upside down.

A life of fear and uncertainty can make us lose touch with the reality that everyone faces challenges and it is up to each person to choose whether to respond peacefully or with resistance.

Betsy’s Story

I was reading a story this morning about a lady named Betsy.

Betsy’s story gives an example of how uncertainty and fear can impact our lives.

She says that her early life was filled with certainty as her parents did all they could to provide safety and security she and her brothers & sisters needed.

But then, her little brother was involved in an accident that caused brain injury, and he was in a deep coma for weeks.

As she was wondering if her brother was going to live and how she was to look after her little sister while the parents kept watch at the hospital, fear and anxiety kicked in.

She said, “For me, the need for certainty became such a driving force in my life that I would do anything to regain a sense of control. And what that looked like for me was a 12 year battle with anorexia, bulimia, anxiety, and obsessive perfectionism.

I’m sure many of us have battled in different ways with fear and uncertainty.

And just like Betsy, if we lose control over fear and feelings of uncertainty, we can easily lose control over our lives and possibly make bad decisions – some of which we may never recover from.

On the other hand, being certain always can be an indication that we are not challenging ourselves enough and we are content with our comfort zones.

And so maybe, instead of trying to completely avoid a life of fear and uncertainty, we should find ways to cope and conquer in those conditions.

I have some ideas to help you be more victorious over fear and uncertainty.

Fix your attitude about fear and uncertainty –

Your attitude affects almost everything in life, including how you fight your inner battles.

As long as you live, you will face challenges like everyone else.

It’s a given.  We all face challenges.

And the sooner you accept that, the better it will be for you.

But then, instead of trying to prevent meeting those challenges, we should prepare ourselves for dealing with them.

Be positive and understand that there still can be opportunities that arise from failures and challenges.

Accept that things will not always go our way.  But know that you will find a way to make it work.

Celebrate wins –

Appreciate good things happening in your life and in that of the people around you.

Celebrating other peoples’ blessings can help you see more possibilities.

When you see someone else around you doing something great or overcoming a challenge, seeing them win those battles can give you hope.

You can feel like a winner too and it can help you feel the hope that you too can win.

Consider how much you lose or are likely to lose due to fear and uncertainty –

When you have uncontrolled fear and uncertainty, it can also bring depression and a feeling of loss of control over life situations.

When we feel afraid and uncertain, we might even be scared to try new things and can lose self-confidence.

We can ruin relationships, lose jobs, develop health issues, and other things.

When we are at our worst and fear has overtaken our lives, we see negativity even where there are opportunities.

Fear and worrying have never solved problems.

Instead, they add to them.

Know your purpose –

When we know our purpose and we believe that we were brought to earth for something greater than mere existence.

We build a strong foundation for our being, find meaning in life and will not stop at anything for as long as we feel there is still more we need to do with our lives.

Knowing our purpose often comes with belief in a supernatural power that runs the world.

And, that connection with the spiritual realm tends to make people feel invincible.

Nothing gives power, hope, and positivity more than that spiritual connection.

Guard your thoughts –

Many times, we overfeed their brains with negative thoughts that go on to be their perceived reality.

It’s that mind chatter I talk about all the time.  Our brain never stops thinking.

Some of these fears may even result from problems that aren’t even real.

This can come with the belief that ‘I’m not qualified for this’, ‘I don’t have it in me’, ‘My life is cursed’ and other similar thoughts.

Whenever we find ourselves engaged in deep thought about our lives, make the conscious choice to stand with positivity.

It’ true that no one has been to the future and no one knows what it will bring.

But, as we march toward it with every second given to us, let’s look forward to the good things that we are hoping for and plan for them rather than worrying about whether the future will be friendly to us.

Share your worries and fear with someone you can trust –

Sometimes it can help to talk to someone.

When you keep some issues to yourself you might go through problems that would have been easily prevented or lightened if you had talked to someone else.

They might have a different perspective, or experience that would help you.

We do have people who genuinely care about us, all we need to do is give them a chance.

Draw lessons and grow from challenges –

As much as we do not want to normalize a life of ‘suffering’, we can’t run away from the fact that people who have faced the greatest challenges and have used them as stepping stones are much stronger and wiser than people who only know a life of comfort.

Many times, they will tell us they have ‘bad memories’ that they look back on and are glad the challenges came at that time of their lives.

As we go through fear and uncertainty, we can do so with the mentality that victory over them makes us better, less fearful, and stronger.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Do any of the thoughts I mentioned today resonate with you?

What kinds of things help you to remember that you are in control, and you can overcome the fear and uncertainty that might be holding you back?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

I would love to hear your stories.

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