Farm Rx Face Masks for Firmer-Looking, Glowing Skin!

Farm Rx Face Masks for Firmer-Looking, Glowing Skin!

Farm Rx Face Masks for Firmer-Looking, Glowing Skin!

We’ve got two exciting new additions to our skincare lineup – Farm Rx Face Masks that are here to give your skin the love and pampering it deserves!

Face masks are the ultimate treatment to add to your skincare ritual for a boost of benefits including hydration, detox, firming, and soothing.

The simple act of applying a facemask and relaxing with it on can be a powerful form of self-care, but that’s made even better when the mask produces a noticeable improvement in the look and feel of your skin.

That’s exactly what these Farm Rx masks will do for you!

They’re easy to apply and will leave you looking amazing!

Amazon Berry Mask

Imagine treating your skin to a refreshing splash of hydration, like a berry smoothie for your face!

This mask is like a luxurious spa day right in your own home.

Packed with the goodness of açai berry, Brazil nut oil, and the powerhouse duo of murumuru and cupuaçu butters, this mask is your secret weapon for firmer, smoother, and tighter skin.

With the instant boost of hydration it provides, your skin will be singing “thank you” in its own special way.

Farm Rx Amazon Berry Mask

Farm Rx Amazon Berry Boost Moisturizing & Firming Mask Quench your skin with an ultra-hydrating face mask!

Formulated with antioxidant-rich açai berry, along with moisturizing Brazil nut oil and murumuru and cupuaçu butters to help skin look firmer, smoother, and tighter. 3 fl. oz.


  • Instantly hydrates for softer, smoother skin
  • 85% natural

Key Ingredients

  • Acai Berry – Helps skin look smoother and firmer
  • Brazil Nut Oil plus Murumuru and Cupuaçu butters – Helps moisturize and nourish the skin

To Use

  • At night, massage even layer onto cleansed skin.
  • Leave on overnight. Rinse off in the morning.

Pro Tip

  • To add to your existing PM regimen, try applying as the last step after cleanser, toner (if using) and serums/treatments.
  • For an AM regimen, use it as an alternative to your daytime moisturizer. Apply after cleanser, toner (if using) and serums/treatments, and then follow with SPF.

See it here!

Pineapple Plus Mask

Say hello to mornings where your skin radiates happiness and glow.

Enriched with the goodness of pineapple extract, which is like a natural magician with its alpha hydroxy acid powers, this mask gently exfoliates while you kickstart your day.

And let’s not forget the Five Fruits Complex – a star-studded lineup of watermelon, papaya, fermented pomegranate, tomato, and lemon extracts, all working together to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and those little pore pals.

Farm Rx Pineapple Plus Mask

Farm Rx Pineapple Plus Radiance Boosting Mask Wake up in the morning with skin looking smoother and more radiant!

The ultra-hydrating formula of antioxidant-rich fruit complex features pineapple extract, known to contain natural alpha hydroxy acid to help skin look smoother and more radiant. . 3 fl. oz.

In one week, 100% agreed skin looked and felt smoother.


  • Gently exfoliates for glowing, soft skin
  • 96% natural

Key Ingredients

  • Pineapple Extract – Known to contain natural AHA
  • Five Fruits Complex of Antioxidant-rich Watermelon, Papaya, Fermented Pomegranate, Tomato, and Lemon Extracts – Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores

To Use

  • Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse.

Pro Tip

  • At night, apply an even layer onto cleansed skin and leave on overnight. Rinse off in the morning.

See it here!

You Will Love These Masks!

So, whether you’re an açai aficionado or a pineapple enthusiast, these Farm Rx Face Masks are ready to take your skin on a joy ride it won’t forget.

Feel the hydration, see the glow, and experience the love – because you and your skin deserve nothing less!

See the entire Farm Rx Natural Clean Skin Care Line here.

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Farm Rx Face Masks for Firmer-Looking, Glowing Skin!

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