An Easier Way To Change Your Life

An Easier Way To Change Your Life

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An Easier Way To Change Your Life

Are you looking for a way to change your life?

Do you sometimes find yourself having a hard time making decisions?

You know you need to do something – whether it’s to bring more income into your household, or you need a project to expand your mind or help you feel fulfilled.

Have you been thinking about starting an Avon business, but you find yourself putting it off?

Any change in your life can be difficult… Not just making the decision to sign up to Sell Avon, but maybe you want to exercise more or develop a healthier eating habit.

And it’s not just you. We all struggle with making decisions at times.

Sometimes, regardless of the change we want to make, we have a hard time making that decision, flipping the switch and getting into action so we can have what we want.

I’ve just started reading, “Instant Influence: How to Get Anyone to Do Anything,” by Michael Pantalon, and I wanted to share with you what he shares in his book.

He has a formula for getting anyone to change, including yourself:

There are Six Steps to Help you Determine Why you Might Want to Change Something in your Life:

Step 1:

Ask yourself, “Why might I change?”

Step 2:

How ready are you to change – on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means “not ready at all” and 10 means “totally ready?”

Step 3:

If you picked a lower number, why did you pick that number?

Think about what it would take to get you to a higher number. This is what will help you figure out what is holding you back, or what you need to move forward.

If you picked a number more in the middle, ask yourself why you didn’t pick a lower number. This can really help you see where your resistance is coming from.

Step 4:

Imagine that you’ve made the change.

What would the positive outcomes be? What would you gain by making that change?

Step 5:

Why are those outcomes important to you?

Step 6:

What would be the next step for you, if any?

These 6 Steps Can Help You Change Your Life!

That’s it.

Sometimes you just need to get really clear to determine what it is you want in your life and what it will take to get that, or what is holding you back.

These steps helped me recently as I was working on staying on my diet.

I’m totally addicted to popcorn, but it turns to fat almost as quickly as I can eat it. Going through these six steps really made a difference and helped me let go of my popcorn cravings.

According to Amazon’s reviews, these easy six steps have literally changed lives, so maybe it will help you too.

And if you’re ready to get started to Sell Avon, I’m here to help you. You can join today for as little as $5, and I will be here to help you find the success you’re looking for.

My goal is to help you achieve your goals, so whatever it is you’re looking for, I would love to help you achieve it.

And maybe, as you go through these steps, you’ll find Avon isn’t right for you at this time… and that’s totally okay as well.

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An Easier Way To Change Your Life

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