Complacency Is The Thief Of Success

Complacency Is The Thief Of Success

Complacency Is The Thief Of Success

Today, I have a little story to tell you about complacency.

It was Nicole and her husband’s dream to climb the highest sand dune in Sub Saharan Africa just in time to watch the sunrise over the sea.

So when they finally went to Namibia on holiday, they were super excited.

They packed their hiking shoes and of course high definition cameras since they intended to capture every moment for later reference.

They updated their Facebook statuses letting their friends and followers know that the following morning they would stand on top of Dune Seven and share a live video.

The long-awaited morning eventually came and it saw the two lovebirds excitedly leave their hotel room at dawn for their adventure.

They got to the dunes and were mesmerized by the beauty of nature all around them.

There were quite a few other tourists on the spot and they all exchanged friendly greetings as they began their journey upwards.

Up they went.

But it didn’t take long for their energy levels to go down when they realized that climbing a giant hill of sand was much harder than they could have imagined.

The higher the couple went, the more people they met in small clusters sitting at different heights along the dune.

Some were taking breaks, and some had given up on trying to get to the top.

It wasn’t long before they joined these people.

We just need to take a breather,” they said to each other.

But before long, they had taken out their cameras and started taking pictures of themselves and the environment.  They had become the victim of complacency.

Soon the two began to convince themselves that they were a bit too old for this challenge that they had brought upon themselves.

Though they were both incredibly strong, they were both in their sixties.

They looked around at all the young people who had stopped climbing the dune that were all around them and were proud of themselves.

Arnold, Nicole’s husband was about to lay his head comfortably on the sand when suddenly another couple came upon them forcing them onto their feet.

The strange woman held Nicole tight while the man helped Arnold to his feet

Let’s go!” they said. “Come on you are almost at the top of the dune and the sun rises in about five minutes”

Denied the chance to argue, Nicole and Arnold persevered to the top just in time to watch the magnificent sunrise that had been their plan all along.

They thanked their new friends who had pushed them up.

It was so beautiful up there.

And then, after a few minutes, a surprise hot air balloon landed on the dune top offering free rides.

Because Nicole and Arnold pushed through to the end, they were in the right place at the right time.

They got to ride in the balloon.

Some hikers tried to hurry up to get up there but were too late for the treat.

How Do You Know?

There might be times when you might be asking yourself, “How do I know if I lack ambition or am simply a realist who knows his or her potential?”

This is the question you probably ask yourself when you hit a brick wall in your path.

It is a valid question for sure, whenever trials come your way.

Obviously, we don’t want to waste our time on something that’s not attainable.

And we need to determine whether or not a certain battle is worth fighting.

The dilemma comes from not wanting to fight a losing battle while trying to press ahead only to be disappointed after wasting resources: mainly time and money.

The answer is really quite straightforward.

Do you see yourself becoming more, doing more, or making more?

If you do then yes indeed you are probably being complacent if you have already built permanent structures in that place where you should have just stopped only to take a break and then continued in your path.

Your imagination cannot be deceived so if you see a picture of what could be then you certainly need to keep working until that picture is painted in your life.

Like Arnold and Nicole, you probably know what you’re working for, what your end goal is.

In the beginning, it was clear where you wanted to reach.

But now you are working hard to convince yourself that you have climbed high enough.

Unlike Arnold and Nicole though, you probably have no one coming to drive you further.

It’s up to you to motivate yourself.

The sooner you take it upon yourself to find that inspiration from inside you, the earlier you can fight complacency and get back to claiming your success.

Self-satisfaction, self-approval, self-admiration, self-congratulation, self-regard, gloating, triumph, pride, contentment, slackness, laxity.

All these are synonyms of the word complacency.

And it is clear that allowing yourself to bask in these attitudes will never lead anyone to their highest level of success.

When you’re basking in those feelings, you forget to focus on the now, your goals, and where you are headed.

And it’s surprising how quickly you fall back.

When you’re busy clapping yourself on the back and telling yourself how much you have achieved, you risk dying before your time has come.

When your aspirations are no longer, “I want to…” but instead have become, “If I can only…” then complacency is creeping on you and you need to quickly get rid of it.

Life constantly presents us with opportunities to leave our comfort zones and leap onto challenging but exciting opportunities.

Will you answer yes to that or are you going to constantly live in fear of the unknown which will hold you back from what you want out of your life.

The choice is yours to make.

Which one will you choose?

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever allowed yourself to be complacent?

We all have, right? At one point or another.

What kinds help you to stay the path and not allow yourself to give up when the going gets hard?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

I would love to hear your stories.

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