Check Out Today’s Avon Rep: Full Time And Fully Mobile

Check Out Today’s Avon Representative: Full Time And Fully Mobile

Check Out Today’s Avon Representative:  Full Time And Fully Mobile

It’s amazing to see how Avon has grown over the years!  And an Avon Representative today has it better in so many wonderful ways.

Although Avon was originally started way back in 1886, things have changed a lot since then.

When David McConnell started Avon, he had no idea the power he uncovered just by giving away perfume samples to the women he was trying to sell books to.

He quickly discovered that his female customers were far more interested in the perfume samples then they were in his books.

He also quickly discovered that women were natural salespeople and perfect for helping him sell the products from his new perfume company.

Little did he know just how many people Avon would touch in the next 134+ years!

Avon is now one of the largest direct selling businesses in the world!

Your new journey starts here!

Is this the year for you to be your own boss and become an Avon Representative?

If so, your timing is perfect!

There couldn’t be any better time to turn your passion for beauty and earnings into an excellent business opportunity for yourself.

As a new Avon Representative, you’ll not only have the backing of a well-known, established company, but you’ll also be promoting the latest cutting-edge, award winning beauty products.

And you’ll also have some of the most cutting-edge, modern day online selling tools at your disposal.

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Avon has given me more than I could have ever imagined!

When I first joined Avon, I had no intention of actually building an Avon business.  I was just looking for some extra income to build a hobby website I was developing.

I started my Avon business on the side of a very demanding job.  Little did I know the opportunity I had in my hands.

When I figured out that Avon could give me the freedom I didn’t even know I wanted, I went full-force, built up my business, and then retired from my day job fourteen years ago.  You can read more of my story here.

Life of an Avon Representative has changed dramatically over the years.

Anyone who is familiar with Avon will know that the business and the product line have changed dramatically over the years.

For example, while David McConnell founded his company with perfume, the product line has since expanded to include makeup, skin care, hair care, jewelry, fashion, gifts, wellness, home décor, and even seasonal outdoor items.

The Avon catalog includes something for everyone, and Avon keeps adding new and improved products all the time.

And of course, Avon is well known for providing high quality, value priced products that make them affordable for everyone.

But it’s not only the product line that has changed over the years.  The life of an Avon Representative is quite different today than it was in those earlier times.

Door-to-door sales are still important, but many representatives are taking advantage of other opportunities to reach out to potential customers.

Ready to get started to Sell Avon??? Just Click Here, fill out a short application, choose the option you want to join with, and just like that, you’ll be ready to go!

We are a new generation of direct sellers who blog, text, email, snap, make videos, tweet and more.  

We love what we do because it’s fun!

The best part of this business is it’s totally flexible… you can work it as hard or as little as you’d like around your personal life.

The beauty of being an Avon Representative is that you can do it from home or you can host booths at events.  You can build your business face-to-face, or entirely online.

An Avon Representative works when she wants and builds her business in the way that works best for her.

There is also a very lucrative opportunity to help other women and men join Avon and build their own business.  This is a very rewarding and profitable business model.

Avon offers an incredible opportunity for men and women to build their own business for a small investment!

When you Sign up to Sell Avon Online, you can make money 3 different ways: 1) selling face-to-face, 2) Selling Avon Online, and 3) through leadership (building your own Avon team whether it’s face-to-face or online).

I mentor my team to take advantage of all three areas of the earnings opportunity. Each has its own advantages.  And in my opinion, you will make the most money as an Avon Representative when you focus on building all three areas of your business.

But you have the flexibility to work your own Avon Beauty Business in any way that works best for you!

When you Become an Avon Representative Online, you can enjoy so many great benefits like: flexible hours, being your own boss, unlimited income, and multiple income streams.

Ready to get started to Sell Avon??? Just Click Here, fill out a short application, choose the option you want to join with, and just like that, you’ll be ready to go!

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If you like the flexibility of ordering your favorite makeup, beauty products, home products, and even gifts while in your pj’s or having 24 hour convenience of ordering any time, then online ordering is right up your alley.

It’s easy to visit my Avon Online Store and order the items to be delivered directly to your home.

Online you can view the Avon Brochure, browse through different categories or search for specific items you want to buy and then add it to your online cart for check out.

Yep, it’s just that easy!

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