Career Or Family? When You Sell Avon You Can Have Both!

Career Or Family? When You Sell Avon You Can Have Both!

Career Or Family?  When You Sell Avon You Can Have Both!

This has always been a major life decision that a parent has to make when it comes to career vs. babies.

Decades ago, it was common that when a couple wanted to start a family the father would have the career to support the family financially, and the mother would stay home and raise the family.

But times have changed, and people’s thinking around this has evolved.

These days, every family can be different, according to their needs.

Sometimes a dad stays home, and the mom has the career.  Sometimes both parents want to have careers that they are passionate about.

And there are increasing numbers of single parents where there is no real choice.

That parent has to both earn a living and raise their children at the same time.

The good news is that when you sign up to sell Avon, you have choices!

You can be a full-time parent, while at the same time have a business of your own that you build around your life from home.

No longer do you have to give up on having a career in order to have kids.

If there’s anything you might have to give up, it might be that one-hour commute to and from an office every day, being stuck at a job away from your children for eight plus hours a day, and having a boss dictate your schedule.

As a result of the Avon opportunity, we have people who have accomplished all kinds of things.

Some Representatives earn enough to be able to be home with their children while also being able to provide a nice life for them.

Some Representatives have paid off their mortgages; others have sent their children to school.

Others have left their full-time jobs to lead a team of Avon Representatives.

And still many more have paid for that family vacation every year.

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When you sign up as an Avon Representative, YOU are in charge!

Avon is set up to be flexible so that you can work your business the way that you want. Work it like a hobby and make a little money or work it like your job and make a lot of money.

The choice is yours to make, because with Avon, YOU are the boss!

Some of the benefits of selling Avon include:

  • No expensive inventories to stock.
  • Earn online or face-to-face, or to be the most successful a combination of both.
  • Earn commissions right from the start!
  • Tons of support!
  • Unlimited earnings potential!
  • Earn the same on Online Store orders as face-to-face! Sell whichever way you prefer, earn the same either way!
  • Cash bonuses for every person you invite to join Avon!
  • Cash bonuses (up to $20,000!!!) as you build your business and advance in title!
  • Amazing new products, which your customers will love!

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But Can I Do It?

Ha! That’s one of the best benefits of joining our team!

You may have heard the saying that systems duplicate, people don’t.

You might be hesitant about signing up to sell Avon because you don’t know if you will be able to do it – maybe you’re shy or maybe you don’t know a lot of people…

But when you have systems in place, it makes it easy for anyone to be successful no matter what their prior experience.

Avon has many social selling tools to help you build online. They provide you with tons of training, and they give you all kinds of tools.

When you join our team, we provide you all kinds of automatic and semi-automatic systems for building your business.

We have tools set up to help you get a brochure into every potential customer’s hands each campaign and we provide tools to help you follow up, and even show you what to post on social media.

In fact, we are ready to launch your business with a Facebook Launch Party.  You invite your friends, family, colleagues, etc. and we will do all the work – and you will earn commission on all the sales!  It’s a great way to get your business off to a great start!

When you take advantage of the tools that we provide, it’s no longer about how good you are at selling.  It’s more about you just doing the tasks for success.

You plug your customers and potential customers into the tools, and you can spend more time either continuing to build your business or spending time with your children.

When you have a system already set up and ready to go, all you have to do is plug your people into that system. That means that anyone can come in and, even with no prior experience, they can use the system to become successful!

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