Care For Your Skin In Just Minutes Throughout The Day

Care For Your Skin In Just Minutes Throughout The Day

Care For Your Skin In Just Minutes Throughout The Day

Simple, daily acts can have a great deal of impact on the look and feel of your skin.  A little planning can help you care for your skin without taking too much time.

A careful—but not time-consuming—skin care routine in the morning and evening, plus a few minutes during the day will reward you with beautiful skin at every age.

And while every woman’s skin care needs are different, here’s a basic blueprint to follow.

Try some of Avon’s ANEW skin regimens which contain products for most of the following steps.

Care For Your Skin When you wake up: 5-10 minutes

Clean: Start your morning with gentle cleansing to remove the residue of whatever products you used overnight.

Splash cool water on your face and neck to rinse off the cleanser, then pat dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Never scrub or tug, especially around the eyes.

Moisturize: Choose double-duty products that work as hard as you do!

Choose a moisturizer with SPF to protect your facial skin from damaging UV rays.

Choose a cream formulated for the delicate skin around your eyes that moisturizes to help create a smooth surface for applying eye makeup.

The same goes for your lips—lip color can appear uneven on dry, flaky lips.

Try Anew Vitamin C Smoothing Lip Scrub.

Enriched with antioxidant vitamin C and sugar crystals, this lip scrub gently buffs to remove dead skin cells, revealing lips that look smoother and softer.

Care For Your Skin Throughout the day:

As much as is possible, try not to rub your eyes or even touch your skin—doing so not only messes with your makeup but can also transfer dirt or germs from your fingertips to your face.

After lunch: 60 seconds

Take a minute to check your face, fixing or even reapplying lip color if it appears to have smeared.  Refreshing your fragrance can give you a personal boost, reviving both the scent and your spirits!

After work: 5 minutes

Going out?  Pretty—but neutral—daytime makeup can swing into the evening hours with ease. Try applying a slightly thicker outline along your upper lash lines, dotting a bit of pigment into the outside corner of the eyes.  Layer on a smokier eye shadow.  Then remove and reapply lip color for a fresh pop of color.

Before bed: 5 minutes

Skin sin: going to bed without removing your makeup! You not only leave behind day-old product—along with whatever debris you may have collected—but you also miss your chance to treat your skin to nighttime moisturization.

Remove your eye makeup first, using a makeup remover specially designed to remove eye makeup.  Apply a cleanser to lift off the rest of your makeup then splash skin with cool water and pat dry, just as you did in the morning.

Take care to use a fresh washcloth and don’t forget your neck (where debris can collect) and around your hairline.

For nighttime eye care, try ANEW ULTIMATE Multi-Performance Eye System for a firmer, tighter looking, eye area.

For the rest of your face, try: ANEW ULTIMATE Multi-Performance Night Cream, which moisturizes while you sleep to visibly repair age-damaged skin.

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Care For Your Skin In Just Minutes Throughout The Day

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