Can Kindness Really Help You Succeed?

Can Kindness Really Help You Succeed?

Can Kindness Really Help You Succeed?

You may have heard the saying “nice guys finish last.”  But we don’t really want to do away with kindness, do we?

People often believe that being kind means you are weak and can be easily taken advantage of.

But is this really true?

We are taught that behind every smile there is an ulterior motive.

We are suspicious and skeptical of others who are kind to us.

And yes, sometimes people will give rude comments, dirty looks, or have a grouchy disposition.

But I’d say that is a hurting person.  And maybe someone who definitely needs your kindness.

Successful People Believe in Kindness

Being successful is no longer equated to the power-suited, serious and determined, “don’t get in my way” kind of people that it used to.

Instead you’ll find the most success people in life are the exact opposite.

All you have to do is take a look at the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling and Richard Branson.

Each of these very successful people are the kind of individuals who you wouldn’t feel out of place asking to your grandmother’s 80th birthday party!

And they’re the kind of people most others aspire to be like, personally and professionally.

Kindness Makes us Better

Besides being one of the most important virtues and qualities we could possess as a person, kindness also strings together a couple different virtues with it such as patience, tolerance, compassion, gratitude and unconditional love.

Every time we practice kindness, we not only become kinder but we also improve those virtues that come along with it.

We’ve all done some act of kindness in our lives, whether random or planned.

We surprised our partner, family member or friend with a gift and helped someone when they needed it.

We’re all familiar with that amazing and powerful feeling we get when we perform an act of kindness and see it cause a positive ripple effect.

Genuine kindness is what lifts us up, it inspires us, motivates us and pushes us to do more both for ourselves and for others.

This is because kindness is the key to finding and fulfilling our purpose.

And our purpose is the doorway to happiness and success!

Kindness does NOT Equal Weakness.

Quite the contrary. It takes tremendous strength to be kind to someone who is slowing you down or who thinks differently than you do.

But kindness bridges such gaps and brings out the talent hidden in so many people.

People who perform regular acts of kindness are often more successful, have more social friends and are well liked than those who don’t.

How Kindness Helps You Succeed:

  • Kindness increases confidence. Studies show that kindness increases your self-worth.
  • People remember you when you are kind and willing to help others. It sets you apart from others.
  • Kindness creates a ripple effect. One person being kind in some way spreads to others, who in turn spread kindness. Kindness is contagious, fostering in more kindness.
  • Kindness evokes a sense of trust. In fact, studies show that even before establishing their own credibility, leaders who are kind and project warmth are more effective than those who lead by being tough.
  • Kindness helps increase employee performance. Being kind to others makes them happier which in turn makes them more productive.
  • Kindness bridges gaps between people. It can reach across barriers in language, gender, locality, religion and anything else that causes people to miscommunicate.

Luis Benitez is a mountain climber, who has summitted the Seven Summits 32 times and conquered Mt. Everest 6 times, says that kindness and compassion are essential to overcoming terrible physical and mental challenges.

He often encounters horrible challenges during his climbs.

As an example, say you see someone limping on the day you need to reach the next camp.

Instead of cursing their weakness and ignoring the pain they are in, you stop to bandage their feet so they can keep up with you.

This is not just being altruistic.

If a member of the party lost their ability to hike, your entire group may have to return to the start.

Stopping to help a colleague ensures you achieve your own goals.

Implementing Kindness Daily

There is a quote that goes, “Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

So let’s look at some ways you can be kind as you go about your day…

  • Call a lonely person.
  • Hold the door open.
  • Buy someone a coffee.
  • Offer to do the shopping for someone who struggles.
  • When you see someone getting anxious in the cashier line, let them go first.
  • Driving with kindness – wave a pedestrian across the street or stop to let a car park.
  • Pay a few compliments – tell people they look great! Compliment someone on their outfit.
  • Praise another person to his or her boss, peers, family or friends
  • Smile more often – it’s infectious – you might be surprised at how many you’ll get back.
  • Invite someone to dinner.
  • Introduce two or more people who have mutual interests
  • Listen to someone who has a problem – Just listen and try not to interrupt with advice. There will be other opportunities for that.
  • Send a heartfelt thank you note or a greeting card.
  • Give away your favorite book.
  • And there’s lots more…

Kindness is the Secret to a Successful and Fulfilling Life.

Kindness First is the single best way to connect with other people and to lift our own spirits.

The more unexpected our kindness, the more satisfaction we experience when offering it.

Always be kind because your actions have a bigger impact than you realize not only on you but others as well.

We Control How We Respond.

It’s your choice.  It’s always your choice.

You can live as a reactive, emotional being or live as a kind, responsive being.

Think about who you would rather be around or work for?

When you think of friends that you like to spend time with or people that you look up to, they probably aren’t hateful negative people.

It’s likely that they are kind and thoughtful.

Success is not only found in the corporate world – it starts at home.

It starts with you. No one is too small to make an impact.

Kindness is the secret to a successful and fulfilling life.

You have more power than you think.

Your actions have a bigger impact than you realize… not only on you but others as well.

Now I’d love to Hear from You.

Do you believe in always working to put kindness out in the world?

Do you have any examples you’d like to share where kindness made a difference in your life?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

I would love to hear your stories.

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