Benefits Of Selling Avon

Benefits Of Selling Avon

Benefits Of Selling Avon

If you have been looking into ways to earn an income from home, Avon can be a great solution for you.

Avon is the leading provider of skincare products, beauty products, personal care products, wellness products, gifts and more.

When Avon first got started in 1886, it was practically unheard of for a woman to run her own business. But since then, Avon has empowered hundreds of thousands of women by providing them with economic opportunities that have changed many lives.

I have been selling Avon for over 17 years now and have built a strong face-to-face business as well as a business in which significant portions of my sales and leadership bonuses come through online marketing.

I have enjoyed many full-expense paid trips including cruises and all-inclusive resorts. I have received new technology rewards like an iPad, a laptop and a Flat Screen TV. I have earned tons of cash bonuses on top of the income I bring in every 2 weeks from my Avon business.

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Let’s look at some my benefits of selling Avon, and what you can expect to receive when you sign up to become an Avon Representative.

Flexible Hours –

When I first started selling Avon, I had very little time. I worked 60-70 hours each week and commuted 1-1/2 hours each way to and from work. I had virtually no time to build a business.

But I learned to work my business in the little pockets of time I could free up. I made phone calls and did training during my commute. I worked while on my lunch break, and I put some time into my business on my 1 day off.

Over time, by being consistent, I was able to totally quit my day job! Now I had all the time I needed to build my Avon business.

Flexible hours can mean the same for you. Whether you’re trying to fit it in around a heavy work schedule, or around your children’s naps, soccer games and dance recitals… Avon fits nicely in those pockets of time between what’s most important to you in your life.

Being my own Boss –

As my own boss, I get to decide which days I work and which days I don’t. I have no set vacation or sick days and can work my business at my convenience.

I maintain one calendar for both my business and my personal life. If I want to take a vacation or travel, or even attend one of my grandson’s events, I just schedule it into my calendar

My time is totally my own to decide how I want to use it.

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Unlimited Income –

One of the things I love most about being an Avon Representative is I get to decide how much money I want to earn.

You can make a little bit of money, or a lot of money. You get to decide how much effort you want to put into your Avon business.

When you look at Avon Representatives today, some Representatives have paid off their mortgages; others have sent their children to school. Others (like me) have left their full time jobs to lead a team of Avon Representatives. And many have paid for that family vacation every year.

Multiple Streams of Income –

I have built my business both online and offline. I believe that to make the most money, you will want to work all of Avon’s income streams. I maximize how much money I make with Avon by 1) selling traditionally, 2) selling online, and 3) building a team. I take home profit from the products I sell traditionally; I get credits on my account from my online sales, and I earn a leadership paycheck every 2 weeks.

When you get started by taking advantage of all three income streams, you will be making more money, more quickly. Then as you build your business you can focus on online sales and team building, which will bring in more money and free up more of your time long-term.

Personal Development –

And one advantage that many people don’t expect to get out of their Avon business – so many of our Representatives gain valuable personal development from their Avon business.

Many have learned entrepreneurial skills to be success business owners, and many have overcome significant insecurities to gain the confidence needed to run a business.

Countless Representatives have transformed their lives – and the lives of their families – through the Avon opportunity.

Ready to get started to Sell Avon??? Just Click Here, fill out a short application, choose the option you want to join with, and just like that, you’ll be ready to go!

Ready to get started as an Avon Representative???

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