Becoming A Finisher

Becoming A Finisher

Becoming A Finisher

What you want to become in life is a finisher.  We’ve all heard the saying, The road to hell is paved with good intentions, right!?

While that may be true, the road to failure is also paved with good intentions.

Look at the people around you.

I bet you’ll find lots of Good Starters – people who want to succeed and have lots of promising ideas for how to make that happen.

They begin each new pursuit with enthusiasm and commitment.

But then something happens.

Somewhere along the way, they lose steam.

They get bogged down with other projects.

Or they start procrastinating, which causes them to miss deadlines.

Their projects end up on the back burner, or they take forever to be completed… if they get finished at all.

Does any of this sound familiar?  Maybe a little too familiar?

If so, you are probably guilty of being a good starter, but a lousy finisher.

And if so, it’s a common problem.

The Buffet Syndrome

You know how sometimes, when you’re at a buffet… how everything looks so good?

And you load way too much food onto your plate?

And then as soon as you start eating, you realize that your eyes are obviously bigger than your stomach so you end up leaving a lot of food on the plate untouched.

It’s just like that when it comes to many of the projects we get started on.

They’re such great ideas, and we’re committed and enthusiastic in the beginning.

But Finishing is the Goal

That’s why we want to celebrate when we’ve accomplished something.

Obviously, graduation day is more glorious than the first day of school.

Becoming a finisher of everything that you dedicated your time and energy to do is a good thing.

And there are several great reasons why you want to become a finisher:

1 – The satisfaction is priceless.

Can you imagine being in a marathon and struggling?

Maybe you’re way behind and bringing up the rear.

Maybe you’re hearing chats and boos from the crowd telling you that you should give up.

Maybe you’re even thinking about giving up.

But sometimes you just have to keep going, just so that you can have the satisfaction that comes with finishing.

You probably learned a lot along the way about what you could have done better in the race, but you also want to have the fulfillment of knowing that you finished.

I mean, a marathon is no easy feat!

Even if you lose, you have accomplished so much.

Stopping before the finish line is the failure, so you keep going and you cross the line.

If for nothing else, do it for the gratification.

2 – An accurate assessment can be made when you finish

If you were that marathon runner, the truth is that you were strong enough to run that 26 miles!

That is huge!

So once it was over, you are now able to make an assessment of what went well and what was not so good.

Maybe you realize now that you needed to control your speed from the beginning to the end of the race, and not deplete all your energy in the beginning.

That assessment will likely help you win, or at least do better, in the next race.

You will never know just how good you are at something until you are patient enough with yourself to see it through.

Be a finisher so that you may eliminate the fuzziness about whether or not the problem is something you can fix.

When you always leave things unfinished, even your appreciation of the value of time is biased.

3 – It is important for progress’ sake

The number of things you keep starting and leaving half-done have an overwhelming effect on the progress you make towards your dreams and goals.

It would help to stop second-guessing yourself so much and push to finish what you start.

It is better to have one finished mediocre novel under your belt than ten excellent ones you left unfished, if for no other reason than you obviously can’t sell the unfinished ones. 🙂

4 – Finishing builds up your character

Whether you are an employee, an employer, an entrepreneur, or are self-employed; tenacity is an admirable quality that you should strive to have.

The more you practice finishing the things you start the more tenacious you become.

Choose today to be a stronger person who doesn’t take the easy way out.

Your future self will thank you for it.

Develop the habit of bravely seeing it through.

The more you do so, the better you will get at handling challenges.

Everyone respects persistence and find it easier to trust and follow one who possesses it.

5 – Get rid of uneasiness

We all know the lingering feeling of anxiety that unfinished projects carry along.

It weighs on you and can get in the way of your peace.

Becoming a finisher is one sure way to eliminating that anxiety and having peace.

Continuously postponing things doesn’t remove them from your emotional and spiritual space.

The only way to free up that space is to finish or make the conscious decision that you are going to stop.

Either way, making a decision is what concludes the matter and gives you that freedom.

These are just a few of the good reasons why you want to discipline yourself and not let yourself off the hook until you are finished with whatever project you started.

It takes practice for sure, but once you reach mastery stage it will be like second nature.

You will do it with such ease that people may think you were born this way or it comes natural to you.

And I can tell you that being a finisher is better than being simply a starter.

If you are not a finisher, you probably have a lot of things that just don’t get done.

But better than the results, is how you feel as a person.

You feel empowered. You feel disciplined. You feel like you’re actually in control.

Your confidence goes through the roof because each time you see someone drift off and not finish because things got a little tough, you realize, you stayed.

You stuck it out.

You finished.

Now I’d love to hear from you

Are you a finisher?  Or do you find yourself leaving a lot of things unfinished in your life?

What kinds of things help you to stay the course?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

I would love to hear your stories.

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