Be Ruthless When Going After Your Dreams

Be Ruthless When Going After Your Dreams

Be Ruthless When Going After Your Dreams

The only way to create something incredible in business – or life – is to relentlessly pursue it to the exclusion of other things.  You have to be ruthless.

You think that the people who ‘have it all’ did so by actually DOING IT ALL?

The whole point of ‘have it all’ is you decide what ‘it all’ is for you and then you DEDICATE yourself to it.

You can achieve everything you want if you are ruthless when going after it.

Ellen’s Story

Way back when I was in school, there was a girl named Ellen who got straight A’s consistently, from the first day of school to the last.

Where everyone else complained of being unable to concentrate or to motivate themselves to study, she seemed shocked at what they were saying and it was pretty clear she struggled to relate to what they were saying.

In her own words, “When preparing for an upcoming test I tell myself that there are two options; passing or failing and I always choose the former.”

What she did was more than just passing, she almost always maxed out her assignments and tests!

She used to say that she wasn’t the most intelligent among us but only the most diligent.

She never allowed herself to rest until she had accomplished her study goals for each day.

Whenever something made no sense, she kept at it like a bulldog until she understood it.

Going to the swimming pool at Liberty Park, catching up on gossip, and simply telling stories was as tempting to her as it was to the rest of us, but she just wouldn’t give in.

Her goal was to become the best student in the history of the school, and she was relentless at it.

We called her The Fierce Fighter.

I haven’t seen her since my school days, so I don’t know where she ended up.

But I’m pretty sure she went on to do something amazing!

Francesca’s Story

Francesca is the founder of a multi-million dollar telecommunications company and she has an amazing rags-to-riches story to tell.

At her lowest moments, she went through the agony of living with different relatives, and she always felt she was a burden to them.

And at one point, she was even homeless.

She recalls how when she had had it with struggles, she started to work towards building the mega fortune that today she is the owner of.

It was when things began looking up for her that she faced some of the biggest temptations of her life.

There were times when she needed to invest all the money she had for the growth of her business but had a friend asking for money from her.

She learned to say no for the sake of the business of her dreams.

It was really sad that because of this, she was labelled stingy and ruthless.

Francesca didn’t like these tags but she made the choice to ignore them in order to press on towards her destiny.

She was ruthless to those trying to frustrate her efforts to win.

Robert’s Story

Then there is a man named Robert, a strong unrelenting African man who is known for having said repeatedly that he would liberate his fellow countrymen even if it was the last thing he did.

The colonial system in operation during his time seemed airtight.

No one thought it could be penetrated until this man started convincing them one by one.

Many times he was thrown into jail only to come out preaching the same message, “freedom to the people”

One time he is reported to have masqueraded as a businessman, won himself an interview at the radio station where he subtly encouraged his people to group up wherever they were in preparation for the soon coming struggle for liberation.

By the time the radio presenter realized what was happening it was too late.

Your Story

To achieve your dreams, you may need to think like Ellen, to be tough towards yourself.

You may need to give up some things to achieve your dream.

You might need to give up sleep when required to give yourself the time to meet the deadlines you need to meet.

All of these little sacrifices will pay off in the long run.

Know what it is that you are going to achieve and then be firm in your belief that you will get it!

Sometimes it’s necessary to single-mindedly go after your dreams!

Like Francesca, yours may be an outward battle that you need to win.

Do it and risk losing some friends or relatives while you build the life that you desire.

Obviously, you need to help your friends when they are in need.

I’m for sure not advocating walking on people.

But don’t give up on your own dreams.

There may be ways you can help someone in need without having to give up your dreams.

If someone else is just working to derail you from your goals, then you might just have to leave them behind, at least for now.

People are funny.

Generally speaking, you are going to find people who might not like the idea of you becoming successful because it’s threatening to them.

You achieving success reminds them that they have given up on their dreams and ambitions.

And it’s typically those people who will talk badly behind your back.

Learn to boldly say no when need be.

It isn’t easy for anyone at the beginning. But with practice, it gets better.

You might be labelled hard-hearted or cold-blooded.

But keep in mind those that are labeling you that, typically are more interested in holding you back than in your best interests.

And when you realize your dreams and achieve the success you’re looking for, then you will be in an even better position to help those that are needy.

If it is an unfair system trying to keep you down, pick up the boldness of Robert and outsmart it.

Rigorously study it and you will find ways to go around, or over, or under whatever is stopping you.

Be determined and unapologetic in your approach.

Whatever may be standing in the way of you getting to your mountaintop, deal mercilessly with it.

Be known as a person of action and take massive action.

While others are waiting for perfect circumstance take ruthless action in the circumstances that you find yourself in.

If the circumstances you are in are not ideal, deal with the circumstance you have and go for greatness.

Success and reaching your true potential require nothing less.

You’ve got this!  I believe in you!

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Do you ruthlessly go after your dreams?

Why or why not?

What kinds of things help you to have the strength to really go after what you want so you can reach your true potential?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

I would love to hear your stories.

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