Avon Youth Activating Facial Roller

Avon Youth Activating Facial Roller

Avon Youth Activating Facial Roller

The perfect skincare tool to help stimulate circulation and promote the absorption of serums and moisturizers.

Avon Youth Activating Facial Roller

Our chrome-plated roller deeply kneads the curvature of your face and décolletage to help revive and tighten tired, stressed skin.

It’s the perfect skin care tool to stimulate circulation and help promote the absorption of serums and moisturizers.


  • Easy-to-handle grip
  • Two roller balls (at the end of handle)
  • 6” L

To Use

After applying serum and other skin care products, grip handle and roll upward at least three times over forehead, cheeks and neck as follows:

  • Forehead – Roll gently upward left, middle and right, from brow line to top of your forehead.
  • Cheeks – Roll gently upward and outward from the corners of your mouth, your chin and the sides of your nose to the front of your ear.
  • Neck – Roll gently upward from the base of your neck to the bottom of your chin.


  • Wipe with a dry cloth.

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