Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil

Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil

Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil

It’s America’s favorite bath oil, and sure to be yours, too! Skin So Soft Bath Oil was developed in 1961 and has been perfected over the years. Generations of customers love it!

Stay radiant by using our moisturizing bath oil during your bath and shower.

Take your skin from dry to soft, smooth, and touchable with Skin So Soft moisture-locking formula.

These signature oils are designed to act like skin’s natural oils, helping replenish moisture and nutrients for soft, touchable skin.

Oil applied to wet skin moisturizes better than lotion on dry skin.

I use it in the shower with a spray bottle. While still in the shower, I turn off the water, spray it all over my body, rub it in, and then towel off. It keeps my skin amazingly soft.

5 Ways How To Use Skin So Soft Bath Oil

  1. Apply to dry skin when you need an extra boost of moisture –then apply your Skin So Soft Body Lotion.
  2. After a steamy shower – while your pores are open, and while your skin is still damp apply to skin.
  3. While you are in the shower – after cleansing, indulge your skin in the magic of oils.
  4. Bath time should be filled with relaxation and a luxurious oil – pour some into the water while you soak.
  5. There are some places that need extra love apply extra oil to elbow, knees, or feet for a soft supple feel.

Skin So Soft Bath Oil is Available in Three Scents

  • Skin So Soft Bath Oil Radiant Moisture is made with argan oil and features scents of peony and musk.
  • Soft and Sensual is also made with argan oil and has a spicy floral scent.
  • Original formula is made with jojoba oil and has the classic, fresh herbal scent.

See them here!

Customer Reviews about Skin So Soft Bath Oil:

Tania from Paramount, CA: I add it to my shower sponge in conjunction with Skin so Soft bath wash as it may leave the shower slippery but using it this way gives you all the moisture. Huge bottle! My legs used to be dry and itchy but after using this they are soft and smooth even without shaving!

Ms Q from Tacoma, WA: This product is excellent, Been using it for years, my mother use to use this product and it’s good for lots of things. I know this sounds crazy but in the summer it keeps your skin so smooth plus the mosquitoes away. I even spray on my 2 dogs and my cat, it actually keeps the fleas off. It really works!

Roni from NYC: I’ve been using this for 20+ years and it’s great. I always use it right after a shower before I towel dry. That’s how it moisturizes your skin and keeps it in without ever being greasy. It’s GREAT for mosquitos too, they hate the smell.

Laurieliz from Lufkin, TX: My absolute favorite for all-over the body. I use it after showering in the bathtub. I have been using this product for 30 years and I can safely say that I am addicted! An added bonus is….it repels mosquitoes!

Now’s a great time to try a new scent.

Check it out here!

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Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil

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