Skin Care Tips

Avon Skin Care Tips

Avon Skin Care Tips

From skin tightening to wrinkle fighting, it’s important to choose skin treatments that specifically cater to your concerns.

Knowing how to use these treatments is also key.

By following these expert pointers, you’ll become a pro in the do’s and don’ts of skin care.

When You Need An Eye Lift

Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System Do:

Use an eye cream every day.

It helps protect the delicate skin around that area.

Eye Lift Pro is specifically formulated with a skin-tightening agent.


Rub your eyes.

Tugging can stretch the skin and cause it to sag.

Dot eye cream all around and pat it in gently.

Anew Clinical ThermaFirm Face Lifting Cream For Firming Up Skin

ThermaFirm Face Lifting Cream is formulated with Avon’s Sonic Technology, a combination of hydrolyzed plant protein and natural extracts to deliver anti-aging properties.

On Vitamin C

Avon Vitamin C Brightening Serum – Newly Reformulated! Do:

Give your skin its daily (and nightly) dose of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is skin care’s superstar antioxidant that helps make your skin brighter and clearer while improving uneven skin tone.


Think all Vitamin C formulas are the same.

Vitamin C derivatives are not as effective as vitamin C.

Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum is formulated to keep vitamin C stabilized to it stays pure and potent.

On Fighting Wrinkles

Anew Clinical Advanced Wrinkle Corrector Do:

Drink enough water.

Water flushes out toxins and helps to keep your systems working properly

Water flushes out toxins and helps to keep your systems working properly while giving you a healthy-looking complexion.


Forget to keep your skin moisturized, too.

Advanced Wrinkle Corrector is the best wrinkle cream to keep your skin moisturized and visibly plump out wrinkles.

Sorry, these are no longer available.  Check out what’s new at Avon here.

On Exfoliation

Isa Knox Anew Clinical Revitalize & Reveal Expert Strength Retex Do:

Exfoliate regularly.

Sloughing off dead surface cells 1-2X a week helps your skin look fresh and to properly absorb treatments and moisturizers.


Exfoliate too harshly.

Rubbing aggressively on the skin can irritate it.  Just glide the Retexturizing Peel pads in gentle circular motions.

Anew Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector For Dark Circles

With the Dark Circle Corrector, 93% of women saw the look of dark circles dramatically reduced.*

Sorry, these are no longer available.  Check out what’s new at Avon here.

Anew Hydra Fusion Nighttime Facial Treatment For Hydration

The Anew Hydra Fusion Nighttime Facial Treatment is perfect for cold weather when skin gets extra dry.

*Based on those who expressed an opinion in a consumer-perception study.

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