Avon Senses Bubble Bath

Avon Senses Bubble Bath

Avon Senses Bubble Bath

Welcome to the world of bubbles, relaxation, and self-care with Avon Senses Bubble Bath!

If you’re a fan of unwinding in a bathtub filled with warm water and foamy bubbles, then you’re in for a treat with Avon Senses Bubble Bath.

Whether you’ve had a long day at work, a strenuous workout, or you just need a break from the chaos of daily life, Avon Senses Bubble Bath is here to help you relax and rejuvenate.

So, grab your rubber ducky, turn on some music, and let’s dive into the bubbly goodness!

Isn’t It Time For You To UNWIND With Some Bubbly Today?

Bring the spa treatment home with Avon Senses Bubble Bath.

Come out of the cold and into a warm tub. Cleanse and soak yourself in bubbles that will calm and relax your mind and body.

Soothe your senses with fresh scents and enjoy long-lasting bubbles.

Leaves no bathtub ring behind to clean up.

Up to 24 pampering baths in every bottle! Dermatologically tested.

Each, 24 fl. oz.

See Current Price here!

Look at All the Great Bubble Bath Scents That are Available to Buy Online.

Sensitive Skin, Vanilla Cream, Cucumber Melon, Endless Ocean, Soft Pink, Cherry Blossom, Lavender Garden, Lily & Honeysuckle Blossom, and Orange & Honeysuckle.

Avon Bubble Bath - Sensitive Skin Avon Bubble Bath - Vanilla Cream Avon Bubble Bath - Cucumber Melon
Avon Bubble Bath - Endless Ocean Avon Bubble Bath - Soft Pink Avon Bubble Bath - Cherry Blossom
Avon Bubble Bath Lavender Garden Avon Bubble Bath - Lilly & Honeysuckle Blossom Avon Senses Orange & Honeysuckle Bubble Bath

How to Use Avon Bubble Bath

It’s easy to use for both Adults and Children.

  • Run bathwater
  • Add 1-2 capfuls of Avon Bubble Bath
  • Relax and enjoy

But did you know that Avon Bubble Bath has so many other uses as well?

Compared to many other cleaners or detergents, Avon Bubble Bath not only costs less you also use less bubble bath.

For instance, one capful to half a pail of water does a great job cleaning the car or camper.

Other Fantastic Uses For Avon Bubble Bath*

  • Does a beautiful job washing cars, mobile homes, RVs, and boats.
  • Use as a laundry detergent. You won’t need a fabric softener.
  • Use for hand washing delicates – a great substitute for Woolite.
  • Use for presoak on heavily soiled laundry – GREAT for ring around the collar and greasy work clothes.
  • Use to wash windows – leaves a streak-free shine.
  • Use to wash appliances for grease removal and streak-free finish.
  • Use to wash no-wax floors – use 1 cap full with 1 to 1/2 gallons of warm water.
  • Use to wash dishes – by hand – Do NOT use in Dishwasher.
  • Use to give pets a bath (along with Skin So Soft to keep them bug-free).
  • Clean bathroom fixtures and mirrors – will leave them shining.
  • Use to shampoo carpets (whole room or a spot). Pick a scent you enjoy, and it will keep the room smelling fresh for days. Use 2 capfuls for a large cleaning machine.
  • Use to wash walls and ceilings.
  • Use bubbles and a sponge to shampoo furniture or vehicle interiors.
  • Cleans chandeliers and light fixtures.
  • Cleans china, windows, etc. (all glass).
  • Wash your plant leaves, they will shine. Then pour it into the soil as a fertilizer.
  • Use as Snail Repellent in the garden – mix equal parts water and bubble bath and spray on flowers. Do not spray directly on edible plants, spray soil around the base.
  • Upholstery stains come out by rubbing with a damp cloth dipped in a full-strength bubble bath. Do not wet the sponge with water. Water may leave a stain, but the bubble bath won’t.
  • Clean your jewelry – even costume jewelry.
  • Splatter grease (butter too) on a good blouse? Put straight bubble bath on the spot, let sit a few minutes and wash. No spots!
  • Wash Venetian blinds.
  • Wash paneling – no rinsing, no streaks.
  • Put some bubble bath and a bit of water in your potpourri burner.
  • Clean your eyeglasses.
  • Clean your painted or real wood cupboards.

*These are alternate uses suggested by Avon customers and representatives. Avon cannot be held liable for any damages which may result from using this product in any manner inconsistent with its labeling.

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Avon Senses Bubble Bath

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