Avon Live Out Loud – It’s Your Life, Own It!

Avon Live Out Loud – It’s Your Life, Own It!

Avon Live Out Loud – It’s Your Life, Own It!

Live Out Loud = An exciting, affirmative statement of pure confidence, fierce independence and vibrant energy.

Avon’s new signature fragrance is fresh, vibrant and designed to empower you to live life on your terms.

We were inspired by the positive affirmations that women in the Avon Nation live by.  This new iconic fragrance celebrates the power of women in our community to fearlessly go after their dreams and enjoy everything life throws their way.  It’s unique, feminine, embolding and liberating – and of the highest quality.” ~Neil Brading, Fragrance Director

What Sets Live Out Loud Apart?

Live Out Loud is not your average fragrance. It’s a statement piece.

These fragrances are not just a scent; it’s an attitude, a declaration, and a celebration of individuality.

These two scents are an embodiment of self-confidence, designed for those who aren’t afraid to express themselves.

Wearing Live Out Loud

Much like a good cup of coffee with friends, Live Out Loud is meant to be enjoyed.

It’s a fragrance that lingers in the memory, leaving a lasting impression.

Apply it before you embark on your day’s adventures, whether it’s exploring a new destination during your travels or attending a square dancing event with friends.

Live Out Loud Eau de Parfum

Live Out Loud is the best perfume for women who seek a fresh burst of brilliant scent. Express yourself with this free-spirited blend, designed to empower you to live life on your terms. 1.7 fl. oz.


  • An Avon first, this limited-edition, super-cool pen lets you draw on your inspiration (literally!) to create a scented design. It’s a whole new way to fragrance. http://LoveMyBeautyBiz.com Top: Sweet wild strawberry
  • Middle: Sparkling mimosa
  • Base: Comforting fluffy vanilla

Fragrance Category

Fresh & Vibrant – Fruity floral scents with exciting, lush and liberating notes.

Notes from the Perfumers

The inspiration for this fragrance came from our desire to create something addictive with a point of view—something just right for the woman who knows what she wants and is a force to be reckoned with.” –Honorine Blanc, Master Perfumer

 “We were inspired by the spirit of empowered optimism and confidence. This fragrance is the perfect combination of creamy and bright, fruity facets…a sweet yet sensual signature.” –Alexis Grugeon, Perfumer

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Live Out Loud #4U Eau de Parfum

Live Out Loud #4U Eau de Parfum Are you ready to live out loud?!

Express yourself with a few spirited spritzes of a fresh and flirty scent brimming with exuberance and personality.

It’s your life, own it! 1.7 fl. oz.


  • Top: Juicy Mandarin, Pineapple, Bergamot
  • Middle: Peach Blossom, Orange Flower, Blackcurrant
  • Base: Sweet Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk

Fragrance Category

  • Fruity Floral

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Avon’s Live Out Loud Eau de Parfums Are More Than Just A Fragrance

They are a symbol of self-assuredness, individuality, and authenticity.

They are a reminder that in a world filled with noise, it’s okay to make a statement and be yourself.

So, whether you’re a fan of skincare, love spending time with friends, enjoy sipping coffee, exploring new destinations, or stepping out to the beat of your own drum, Live Out Loud is the perfect fragrance for you.

Remember, just as you appreciate a little space between sentences to make reading easier, Live Out Loud allows you to take the space you need to express your unique self, confidently.

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Avon Live Out Loud – It’s Your Life, Own It!

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