Avon Guiding Spirit Award – Lynn & Richard Huber

Avon Guiding Spirit Award – Lynn & Richard Huber

The Guiding Spirit Award is an award that is not earned with sales or through recruiting but by living by example: mentoring and inspiring team members and the entire Avon community to higher levels of success.

All Avon Representatives can nominate a Gold Leader or above for this annual award that honors a leader who is a strong mentor and leads by example.

Nominations will be reviewed based on the candidate’s ability to:

  • Lead by Example — Modeling strong Personal Sales, Personal Recruiting and Personal Leader Development
  • Recognize — Provides timely, appropriate, and meaningful recognition
  • Mentor — Holds trainings and meetings and develops personal connections with Avon Representatives, whether on their own team or on other teams


I Am So Incredibly Honored to Receive the Guiding Spirit Nomination.

I am deeply touched and indeed moved by all the kind things that were said about Richard and me in the Guiding Spirit nominations!


  • Lynn and Richard Huber are great trainers, and it does not matter if you are assigned to their team. They provide so many streams of knowledge, including Facebook group posts, blog posts, videos, and Zoom training. All their accumulated knowledge and experience is shared freely with all.
  • Lynn helps and welcomes everyone! She and Richard are always encouraging and motivating us. If I need answers, I know I can go to her blog or contact her!
  • I am not in Lynn’s downline, but she is still a leader who I follow. I listen to her Sunday night videos, read her product posts on Facebook, read her blogs, and use her weekly plan that works to keep me organized and motivated. I have also sent her private messages, and she always responds as though I am someone very important on her team. I look forward to meeting her one day, so I can thank her in person.
  • When our district broke up, Lynn started a Facebook page for the Utah representatives. She also started planning monthly dinners for us. She is a huge advocator for the breast cancer walk. And she’s always been so kind and thoughtful to me every time I have a question.
  • I have never met Lynn or Richard, but it does not matter. I have recommended the Huber’s group to any Rep who says that they are struggling. I have learned so much from them and feel as though I am part of their Avon family!
  • Lynn and Richard are great people to be around. If you need to talk, they’re there for you. They have shown me so much.
  • Lynn is an extremely well-organized and knowledgeable person who knows how to run a profitable business and team. She could keep those ideas to her own personal team but instead offers her time and talents to so many more! I appreciate her wisdom and her kindness.

Avon Guiding Spirit Award – Lynn & Richard Huber

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

Thank you, Avon Nation, for your support, belief, and love!

I firmly believe a rising tide lifts all the ships in the port.

When more Avon Representatives achieve success, the Avon company achieves more success… and that comes back to the Avon Representatives achieving even more success.

And together we can truly create something special with our partnership with LG H&H!

I am so grateful for all that LG H&H has invested into our Avon brand to make it better than ever!

We are right now in the right place at the right time!

Also, Thank you to every member of our Avon Rockstars team!

Thank you for inspiring me to be a better leader every day.

I’m grateful to be a part of your Avon journey and your life.

And finally, thank you to my husband Richard for your unconditional love and support.

You have been my rock, always supporting my ideas, my vision, and my dream.

Avon is truly a huge part of both of our lives, and the people we have met – both Representatives and Corporate People –  have been an enormous blessing in our lives.

I look forward to making 2022 our best year yet!

2021 Guiding Spirit Award

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