Avon Espira Restore Products

Avon Espira Restore Products

Avon Espira Restore Products

Optimize your overall health and well-being.

When the days get really hectic and your plate is full, you may feel a little off-balance.

We’ll give you the benefit of whole, healthy foods and the relaxation both your body and mind need to bring back your focus and give you the stamina to feel great and keep moving forward.

Relax without losing your focus†

Espira Calm

Avon Espira Calm Relax from the stress of everyday life while maintaining an alert state of mind. †

Patented and clinically tested Sensori® contains an herbal ingredient that works together with a combination of vitamin B complex and green tea compounds to support your mood and boost your body’s natural energy. † Non-drowsy.

60 vegetarian capsules.

Relax both your body and your mind so you sleep better. †

Espira Restful Sleep

Espira Restful Sleep Sleep well and wake up refreshed. †

Natural, non-habit-forming supplement contains a proprietary combination of melatonin and botanicals such as hops, chamomile and passion flower to relax your mind, while magnesium promotes muscle relaxation for your body. † 60 vegetarian capsules.

One Packet – Three Pills – COMPLETE NUTRITION!

Espira Daily Essentials

Espira Complete Nutrition

A complete nutritional foundation for your body – sourced from whole, healthy foods – in three pills.

30 take-anywhere packets. Includes:

  • A multivitamin with 19+ essential vitamins ad minerals plus phytonutrients.
  • A full spectrum omega-3 capsule to support cardiovascular health. †
  • Plant-based antioxidant protection from more than 50 fruits and vegetables to target eye, heart and immune health. †

Available in Women’s, Women’s 40+ and Men’s.

Prefer to purchase the vitamins alone? Not a problem.

Espira Multivitamin

100% of the daily value of 19+ vitamins and minerals.


An effective high-potency multivitamin to full in the nutritional gaps. †

19+ essential vitamins and minerals plus phytonutrients and whole food concentrates ensure your body will get the nutritional support and healthy requirements it needs. † 60 tablets.

Available in Women’s, Women’s 40+ and Men’s.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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