Avon Charmed Eau de Parfum Spray

Avon Charmed Eau de Parfum Spray

Avon Charmed Eau de Parfum Spray

Have you heard all the Buzz about the new Avon Charmed Eau de Parfum?!

Avon Charmed Eau de Parfum Spray Closeup Sometimes I think Avon doesn’t get enough credit, but they are an amazing source of truly lovely fragrances.

If you check out my Avon Online Store, you’ll find a great selection of fragrances in a variety of scents ranging from $17 to $50.

But while the low price points are among the reason that Avon’s perfumes are so appealing, it turns out the smacking $1,200 price tag on our newest fragrance only increases its desirability!

Wow! I guess I need to get out more.  I’ve never even heard of a $1200 perfume!

But let’s take a look at why this is so exciting, and why all the Buzz!

You never know… you might just end up wanting to reserve your very own exclusive, numbers, limited edition bottle of this gorgeous collector’s statement piece!

Avon isn’t exactly charging $1,200 for a perfume arbitrarily.

Charmed, which launches in late October, is a celebration of 134 years of Avon, and its opulence reflects the momentous occasion.

It’s our most opulent fragrance yet!

Avon Charmed reflects our proud heritage and presents a powerful and beautiful scent experience laced with sophistication.

Luxury Eau de Parfum

The fragrance itself is top-of-the-line luxury.

Made with three orpur (what the industry calls the purest and highest-quality) natural ingredients: rose (with spicy undertones), jasmine absolute (reminiscent of honeysuckle), and patchouli (with earthy notes and hints of tobacco).

It’s Avon’s most opulent fragrance yet – “Avon Charmed reflects our proud heritage and presents a powerful and beautiful scent experience laced with sophistication”.

The bottle is Incredible!

The bottle is absolutely incredible both aesthetically and compositionally.

An 18K gold-plated peacock sits atop a beautiful white column, its tail embellished with 21 Swarovski crystals. And it comes in a gorgeous, wooden, collectible box to boot.

And here’s a closer look at the detail on that lavish Peacock Bottle:

Avon Charmed Eau de Parfum Spray Closeup

Collectible Numbered Edition Statement Piece

Avon Charmed is being released on this special birthday year for Avon as a very limited (and numbered) edition.

There are only going to be 1,886 exclusively numbered pieces, symbolizing the year that Avon began:

In 1886, 34 years before women in the U.S. earned the right to vote, Avon’s founder, David H. McConnell, helped give them the chance to earn an independent income.

He didn’t set out to create a beauty company. In fact, McConnell was a traveling book salesperson who offered fragrances samples as an additional perk to his female customers. He saw that these women were more interested in the free perfume than the books.

Since women had a passion for his products and loved networking with other women, McConnell was inspired to recruit them as Sales Representatives.

From a small New York City office, McConnell himself mixed the company’s first fragrances.

This began Avon’s long history of empowering women around the globe.

You know this is going to be a HUGE collector’s item.

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