Avon Campaign 13, 2019 Brochure

Avon Campaign 13, 2019 Online Brochure

Avon Campaign 13, 2019

Campaign 13 marks our Annual Skin Care Sale!

All of your favorite skin care routines are on sale this campaign.  And Avon offers skin care that’s anything but routine!

Not sure which products you should be using?  Perfect timing!  This campaign we dive into your skin care concerns to help you find the best program for your skin.

Also this campaign, check out the newest trend… Hair Fragrance!  It’s a new way to wear fragrance, with a serene scent formulated especially for hair.  Caress your tresses with featherlight micro conditioners that won’t weigh your hair down.

And, We’ve got some new Summer candles and Summer jewelry for you as well.

Campaign 13 is effective on our website May 29 – June 10, 2019.

Avon Campaign 13, 2019 Brochure


Check out some of the hottest items in Campaign 13, 2019



New Limited Edition Haiku Hair Fragrance New Limited Edition Haiku Hair Fragrance –

  • The newest trend for layering fragrance
  • The fresh, serene scent of Haiku’s jasmine, lilies and sparkling citrus
  • Plus featherlight micro conditioners that won’t weigh hair down
Anew Skin Care Spotlight Anew Skin Care Spotlight

  • Stock up on your faves or build a new skin care regimen
  • Special pricing on Anew Ultimate, Ultimate Supreme, Hydra Fusion, Platinum, Reversalist and Vitale
  • Not to mention a free Anew eye cream ($40 value) with any two Anew collection purchases!
Win A $40 Avon Shopping Spree! Win a $40 Avon Shopping Spree

  • Everyone who places an Online Order each campaign will be entered into a drawing for a $45 Avon Shopping Spree.
  • No Minimum Order
  • New Drawing Every 2 weeks
  • Every Order on our personal website counts.
  • Click the image to the left of this for details, or click here.
  • Shop Here – ShopMyBeautyStore.com! ?


View Avon Campaign 13, 2019 Brochures Online

Shop Avon Campaign 13, 2019 Brochure Online

Did you know that Avon publishes 26 Avon Brochures every year?  Every two weeks a new Avon Campaign starts with new products, different sales, and great bargains in makeup, skincare, fragrance, bath & body, jewelry, and more.

You can also shop Avon sales online, so whether you like to look at the hard copy of the Avon Brochure or you enjoy browsing the Avon Brochure Online…you can get the same deals you would from your door-to-door Avon lady.

Our representative websites switch over to a new Avon Campaign every 2 weeks!  If you’d like to receive an Avon Brochure in the mail, that’s totally okay too.  We make it really easy for you.  Once you place an Avon order on my website, I will mail the following 4 Avon Brochures to your home.

3-Ways To Shop Avon Online

1)  You can shop the online store just by going to ShopMyBeautyStore.com.  Click on Shop Now.  It’s just like shopping at any other store.  Pick your products, add them to your Shopping Bag, and then check out as you would in any online store.

2)  You can shop the Digital Brochure.  Go to ShopMyBeautyStore.com.  Click on The Book. You’ll see a brochure, just like the paper one, where you’ll be able to turn the pages and read the brochure.  When you find an item you want to purchase, simply click on it, and then add it to your Shopping Bag, and then continue on.

3)  You can shop via the Quick Item Entry tool.  This is great if you already know what you want and have the item numbers.  Go to ShopMyBeautyStore.com. Click on Shop Now and then on Product # at the top of the page.  You will be presented with an item order form.  Just fill it out and follow the process.  One advantage of the Quick Item Entry is you will be able to shop from the Current Avon Brochure, or from one prior Avon Brochure.  Just click on the drop down box to the left of the item number to change the campaign.

First Time Customer Coupon

If this is your first time ordering Avon online, be sure to use our Coupon Code to get 10% off your first order.  Use code WELCOME10.

Lynn Huber Avon 10 percent off Coupon

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