10 Super Easy Ways To Develop A Lifelong Learning Habit

10 Super Easy Ways To Develop A Lifelong Learning Habit

10 Super Easy Ways To Develop A Lifelong Learning Habit

If you were to develop one skill to help you to get ahead in all aspects of life, what would it be?

Studies have shown that by far, the best advantage you can give yourself is to become a lifelong learner.


Because without learning, the mind stagnates.

And learning is part of your personal growth as a person.

Think about it… your relationships, your happiness, your ability to handle whatever comes your way… even your income is based on your personal growth.

I am in love with lifelong learning.

I can’t seem to learn enough or get my hands on enough information.

The more I engage and employ lifelong learning, the more I experience some really cool things.

Not only has learning helped improve my brain functions, it’s also supported my success and personal growth as a business owner, and it’s made me a more effective coach.

Not to mention, as an introvert, it gives me a lot of material to work with in social settings, which is a great side benefit.

Thankfully, becoming a lifelong learner isn’t hard.

Below are ten easy ways to build a habit of learning that will serve you for years to come.


Unless you make lifelong learning a priority, you’re not going to successful at it.

You start with committing to change and then go from there.

Create a Personalized Learning Environment

True learning results when you take charge of your learning environment.

Sit down and make concrete goals.

Set up a system that enables you to learn and a setting in which you can learn.

Once you have this, you are truly ready to begin.


Read books, magazines, news articles, academic journals, and anything that catches your attention.

If it’s interesting to you, then it’s worth perusing.

Keep a List

Have a question? Write it down.

Come back to this list later and Google the answers.

Let this become the jumping off point for learning new things.


Create a project out of one of the things you find interesting.

Set goals, give a timeline, and a final deadline to complete it.

Invite others to take part in your project with you. You learn so much more when you collaborate.

Create milestones and celebrate each one on your road to completion.


Hang out with smart people who also enjoy learning.

These will become your encouragers and mentors along the way.

Become a Mentor Yourself

We all have something we’re good at and could teach.

Your particular skill set might be what someone else needs to succeed.

By getting involved in mentoring, you find yourself not only cementing the knowledge you already have but learning new things as well.

Try Different Learning Styles

If you’ve always thought of yourself as one kind of learner, try a new way to learn.

You’ll stimulate your brain in new and exciting ways.

Study with Others

When you work with a group, it’s generally easier to learn as you can draw upon the base of shared knowledge.

That, in turn, helps you to discover new things yourself.

Seek out a Job or Start a Business that Encourages Lifelong Learning

The final step toward lifelong learning is to find work where you are encouraged to learn new things, and which continually challenges you.

Ideally, if you’re working in a job, you’d want that to be one where you have a supportive work environment, where management appreciates personal growth and gives you opportunities to stretch and grow.

Also, think about starting your own business.

A Side Gig can really offer you opportunities for growth!

Avon is great for this.  If you’ve ever thought about selling Avon, or maybe now you’d like more information, hit me up.  Message me and I’d love to help you get started!

Or if you’re already in a business, getting serious about it can really help because there’s always something to learn.

When you have your own business, learning is growing, and growing is making more money and being more successful.

Make it a Priority

Developing an attitude where you constantly learn is the only way to succeed in the dynamic environment which we live in today.

Don’t just keep saying “one day.”

Make today that day – make learning a priority in your life.

If you wait for it to find you, you will limit the amount of information you know plus your ability to attain this knowledge over the long-term.

Remember, building habits that lead to lifelong learning rely on repetition.

You’ve got to do them over and over until they become automatic.  That’s what habits are.

Engage in these activities as often as possible, making them a part of every single day if you can and before long, you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve grown.

Now I’d Love to Hear From You

So what about you?

Are you a learner?

What kind of things help you to learn more?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

I would love to hear your stories.

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